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God Left Hanging In Unreturned Celestial High Five

It's not as cool as Jesus on toast but we'll take it.


New technology is allowing NASA to take a second look at the remnants of an exploded star, revealing a mysterious hand in the debris.

The findings were a result of re-examining previously viewed images of the dust from an exploding star using NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR.) By revealing high energy blue x-rays, NuSTAR “is showing us well-studied objects and regions in a whole new light,” says Fiona Harrison of the California Institute of Technology.

Though already being referred to as “The Hand of God”, the phenomenon is more likely to be a pulsar wind nebula–debris displaced from an exploding star that then interacts with nearby magnetic fields.

If the phenomenon is in fact a result of divine intervention (we’re not counting on it), we may soon have more Godly Body Parts to contend with. SBW2007, a nebula with a star at its center, is predicted to go supernova soon, and we’ll be fascinated to see what new technology like NuSTAR can uncover once the dust settles. Here’s hoping for a heavenly handshake.

We'll let you decide what body part this looks like.

We’ll let you decide what body part this looks like.

(via, photo credit via Nick Rose and Universe Today)


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