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“God” Trolls Holy Land Experience Religious Theme Park Thanks to @TheTweetOfGod

I know God tweets, because you can't prove He doesn't.

Parody Twitter account (or maybe not—you can’t prove God doesn’t use Twitter) @TheTweetOfGod went to Holy Land Experience and had a lot of fun tweeting about all of the Jesus-themed stuff He saw there. It turns out God has a really great sense of humor, so we’ve got the highlights of His little trip for you.

It’s also presumably under the watchful eye of God, and He sees you when you’re sleeping; He knows when you’re awake. He knows if you’ve been bad or—no, oops, that’s Santa Claus. So confusing.

It’s nice to see that, while they were estranged for 33 years or so, God feels close enough to Jesus for nicknames.

Wow, though, man, 2,000 years is probably still too soon for crucifixion jokes. Here’s hoping Jesus doesn’t read these tweets.

Probably an easier version of the whole “burning talking bush” thing. God is getting lazy in His old age.

God sure loves puns. Now we’re not even sure how seriously to take anything He says.

(via @TheTweetOfGod on Twitter)

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