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5 Reasons Why FXX’s You’re the Worst Is Actually the Best

FXX's comedy You're the Worst is one of my favorite shows. Like Bojack Horseman, it's a narcissistic comedy on its face, but it actually delves deep into some pretty serious stuff with humor and a surprising amount of emotion. It also gets right to the heart of what it feels like to live in Los Angeles. Here are five reasons why you should check out You're the Worst if you haven't already.

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Archer Goes to 1940s Hollywood In Season Eight Because Who Needs to Stick to a Time Period?

It's always been kinda hard to pin down Archer setting-wise. For the most part, the show is designed to feel like a 1960s spy show, but there are anachronisms all over the place. In the upcoming eighth season, Archer: Dreamland, our favorite spies-turned-drug-dealers-turned-CIA-lackeys-turned-PIs are headed to Hollywood in the 1940s.

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Archer Creator Confirms Series’ End After Season 10

In an interview with the Modern Film School's Murmur podcast, Reed talked about his plans to wrap up Archer over the course of what will be its last three seasons.

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FX CEO Reports Significant Improvement in Diversity of Director Pool

An improvement of 12% people of color or women to 51%.

FX seems to have been able to significantly improve their numbers, with 51% of their directors on FX and FXX identifying as men or women of color or white women.

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Cassius and Clay, That Upcoming Post-Apocalyptic Lady-Led Animated Comedy, Just Got Axed

Archer writer/producer/voice actor Adam Reed and Modern Family writer Megan Ganz teamed up to work on an animated, woman-centric, comedy-action show called Cassius and Clay, starring greats like Kaitlin Olson, Lake Bell and Susan Sarandon. FXX commissioned a full 10-episode season, aiming to air in 2016—but now, the entire project has been unceremoniously canned. What happened???

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Archer Creator to Debut New Female-Led Series Cassius and Clay for FXX

Lady bandits? Sign us up!

Archer fans now have a female-led animated series to look forward to on FXX! Archer creator Adam Reed is teaming up with Modern Family writer Megan Ganz on a new animated series called Cassius and Clay, which stars Kaitlin Olson (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia), Lake Bell (Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp) and Susan Sarandon (you should totally already know who she is, y'all).

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