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Cassius and Clay, That Upcoming Post-Apocalyptic Lady-Led Animated Comedy, Just Got Axed


Archer writer/producer/voice actor Adam Reed and Modern Family writer Megan Ganz teamed up to work on an animated, woman-centric, comedy-action show called Cassius and Clay, starring greats like Kaitlin Olson, Lake Bell and Susan Sarandon. FXX commissioned a full 10-episode season, aiming to air in 2016—but now, the entire project has been unceremoniously canned. What happened???

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Could it be that the pilot tested so poorly that FXX thought it’d be safer to axe the entire project rather than air it and see how it went? That’s a pretty expensive show to throw in the garbage—it takes a lot of doing to put together a 10-episode season of an animated series. Then again, The Hollywood Reporter makes it sound as though the team didn’t make it past the pilot. Oof.

It’s too bad that this show didn’t air, given that the fandom for it (including cosplay hype) started up as soon as folks saw the sole screenshot (above). On the other hand, maybe the pilot was truly awful and FXX is saving us from future disappointment. Maybe Cassius and Clay‘s unaired pilot will leak online sometime, and we can have the chance to decide whether this cancellation is a deep unfairness or not—but for the moment, it definitely sounds disappointing.

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