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Fujitsu and Japan’s National Institute for Informatics Are Building AI That Can Get into College

Robots will bypass stealing your job and go straight for stealing your college admission altogether.

Fujitsu and Japan's National Institute for Informatics are working on an "artificial brain" project, which has a simple goal: create a robot that can pass the University of Tokyo (Todai)'s entrance exam. It seems robots aren't coming for your job; they're coming for your college degree, which meets the same goal more efficiently. Classic robot.

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Someone Finally Found a Good Use for Transparent Displays

Transparent displays have been around for a while now, but besides looking cool we've seen few practical applications that take advantage of the see-through screens. That might be changing with this smartphone concept from NTT DoCoMo and Fujitsu, which presents users with some pretty novel ways to interact with their screens. However, it's still far from perfect.

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Japan Coaxes World Fastest Computer Past 10 Petaflops

Japanese IT company Fujitsu and the government-funded RIKEN research lab announced that they have pushed a supercomputer past 10 petaflops, halfway toward 11, at 10.51. The computer, called the K Computer, achieves 10 quadrillion operations a second, which is many more operations than we can do per anything. It will be named the world's fastest computer when the official list is released next week.

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Robot Teddy Bears That Pick Up on Human Presence, Social Cues

Robot teddy bears that wave at you, make noises, sense your presence, can scan facial expressions, and have hundreds of programmed reactions to possible human activities.  From Fujitsu. Creepy, cute, or creepy-cute? (via Arbroath, GammaSquad)

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