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Movies That Star Women Are a Better Return on Investment. So Why Aren’t There More of Them?

According to a study from the startup WealthSimple, movies that star women are a better return on investment for Hollywood than movies that star men.

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We Need More Than Female Protagonists: Women Only Spoke 27% of the Dialogue in 2016’s Top Grossing Films

You would think that with female-led films like Rogue One making bank and Ghostbusters: Answer the Call generating backlash that we must be making huge amounts of progress when it comes to gender parity in film. You'd be wrong.

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Finding Dory Honest Trailer Proves Your Emotions Aren’t Immune to Sequel-itis

Screen Junkies (lovingly) blasted one of Pixar's latest entries into the already-crowded sequel cavalcade: Finding Dory.

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Things We Saw Today: Impress Your Sandwiches and Your Friends with This R2-D2 Bento Box

Since it's back-to-school season, this R2-D2 bento box that you can grab on Amazon or ThinkGeek will make your lunches and snacks 10 times cooler.

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Things We Saw Today: New Ghostbusters HQ Gets a LEGO Look

The new team of Ghostbusters has a new HQ, and now they have a brand new LEGO-inspired look thanks to assembler Eric Druon. He said he's going to keep working on it once the movie comes out and more of the inside of the building is revealed--but in the meantime, this is really cool.

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Review: Finding Dory Makes a Splash, Is As Good If Not Better Than Finding Nemo

4 out of 5 stars

When approaching this review, all I needed to ask myself was--what would Dory do? She’d ignore the mediocre trailers, for a start; Finding Dory is as good as if not slightly better than Finding Nemo. It’s taken the heart of the first movie and ramped up the characters' personas, action and most importantly the emotions.

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Is the “Representation” in Finding Dory Really Representation?

I'm excited about Finding Dory. We love Pixar movies, and Ellen Degeneres' performance as Dory was one of the highlights of Finding Nemo, so when I heard about this film, I got really excited. Already, I was pleased that there was a sequel focused on the popular female character in Finding Nemo (even if she is a fish), but now the talk about "representation" and "diversity" around this movie is starting to get weird.

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Watch the First Clip of Pixar’s Ridiculously Cute Short Piper

Disney shared a first look at Pixar's upcoming animated short Piper, which follows a sandpiper hatchling who has to learn how to dig for food. The six-minute short was directed by Alan Barillaro and will debut before Finding Dory.

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Finding Dory Filmmakers Respond to Trailer’s Possibly Lesbian Couple

The minds behind Finding Dory have officially responded to those fan theories about the possible lesbian or bisexual couple in the movie's trailer.

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Things We Saw Today: Canada Has Star Trek Currency

Holy moly, Canada has Star Trek-themed currency including a delta-shaped gold coin, coins with the USS Enterprise, and coins with Spock, Uhura, and more.

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Rewatch Finding Nemo Through Emojis (Minus the Sad Part)

In honor of Finding Nemo's 13th anniversary and the upcoming Finding Dory premier on June 17th, Disney released an "as told by Emoji" for the film.

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Things We Saw Today: Season 3 of BoJack Horseman to Premiere this Summer

BoJack Horseman will be back this summer! Season 3 of the Netflix original series will be available to stream July 22nd.

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Meet the Fluffy Star of Pixar’s Upcoming Animated Short “Piper”

Pixar shared a look at their new short, "Piper," which will debut alongside Finding Dory on June 17th.

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New Finding Dory Trailer Reminds Us What Dory Might Be Looking For

This brand new trailer features some great new footage from the Disney/Pixar sequel to Finding Nemo.

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Can You Spot the Dory in These New Finding Dory Posters?

One fish, two fish, red fish, who fish?

Finding Dory won't be hitting theaters until June 17th, but in the meantime, we can hone our Dory-hunting skills with these new posters for the movie. Judging from these, even if the film itself is somehow less than amazing, it'll still look gorgeous.

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Pixar Lets Us Look at Two New Characters in Finding Dory

The forgetful but charming Dory, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, was always the standout star of Finding Nemo -- and the first trailer for her much-deserved follow-up film, Finding Dory, does not disappoint. The trailer features the characters we already remember from the first movie (Dory, Nemo, and Marlin), but EW has revealed a peek today at two of the movie's brand-new characters.

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The Finding Dory Trailer Is Finally Here; It’s Time to Feel Things

Just keep watchin', just keep watchin'

As far as trailers for heavily-anticipated movies go I was expecting something a little (ahem) splashier, but Dory and Nemo's dynamic here still makes me excited for the movie.

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Finding Dory Reels In It’s Always Sunny Actress to Play New “Bruce”

What sweet (Dee) news!

It's already always sunny when you're a forgetful fish who views the tank half full. But it sounds like the Finding Dory team is aiming to let even more sun shine into their leading lady's life with some new cast additions!

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Clap If You Believe? Reese Witherspoon to Play Tinker Bell in Live-Action Movie

Snaps for Tink!

It's hard to imagine a Peter Pan adaptation that doesn't fill me with the rage of a thousand fiery suns, but on the plus side... Elle Woods!

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Finding Dory Reunites The Wire Stars Idris Elba & Dominic West

"A fish must have a code."

Stringer Bell and McNulty meet again!

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