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Rewatch Finding Nemo Through Emojis (Minus the Sad Part)

In honor of Finding Nemo’s 13th anniversary and the upcoming Finding Dory premier on June 17th, Disney released an “as told by Emoji” for the film (previous installments include Aladdin and Star Wars: The Force Awakens). Thankfully, the emoji recap cuts out the first heartbreaking scene about Nemo’s mother because no amount of cute icons will ever make that scene less sad (don’t watch Finding Nemo with me I will cry during this scene and be sad about it the entire movie). The almost-as-sad scene where Marlin sees Nemo floating in a baggie playing dead is mercifully short.

The “as told by Emoji” series is really delightful, not just because it revisits great moments from the original movie, but because they really make use of the phone motif in creative and interesting ways. The animators did a fantastic job and I especially liked the angler fish scene! I was waiting for them to use the peach emoji for Nemo “touching the butt” and I was not disappointed.

If you stick around towards the end, there’s also a brief look at Finding Dory and we see two of Dory’s “existing contacts.” Who are Jenny and Charlie? We’ll just have to wait and see!

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