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Finding Dory Honest Trailer Proves Your Emotions Aren’t Immune to Sequel-itis


It’s no secret that Pixar isn’t immune to sequel-itis. So, it probably comes as no surprise that the fine folks over at Screen Junkies (lovingly) blasted one of their latest entries into the already-crowded sequel cavalcade: Finding Dory.

Of course, what might come as an actual surprise is the fact that they actually didn’t slam the movie too hard. While a good portion of the jokes made here at Pixar’s expense revolve around the glut of sequels that plague Hollywood, it’s clear that they still harbor (heh) some love for the movie and for Pixar itself.

Take, for example, their ribbing of the movie’s structure. It certainly borrowed from more than a few tropes, some of which were even created by Pixar themselves. The “dead parent/significant other” fakeout, the incredibly implausible escape plan, and conveniently placed water are all certainly expected parts of the Pixar ride. But what they didn’t seem to expect was how feelsy the movie’s emotional climax would be, what with Dory’s parents making a pathway home using her favorite shells (sobsob). Yeah, I can’t help but get teary-eyed at that, too. Pixar just has a direct line to my heartstrings, okay? Gosh.

Most of all, this Honest Trailer really summed up my own attitude towards Pixar in general: “Dammit Pixar, even your B material makes me cry.”

Nailed it.

(via /Film)

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