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Things We Saw Today: Watch The Season 2 Daredevil Trailer as Recreated in Fallout 4

So we've all seen the Daredevil season 2 trailer, right? Well, someone got it in their heads to make a version of it in Fallout 4. I'm particularly a fan of their version of Matt Murdock--it's all in those red glasses.

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Wear Your Browncoat Fandom on Your Sleeve (or Dress) With these Firefly Fashions From Living Dead

The world could always use more geek fashions, and sometimes as popular franchises with current offerings like Star Wars, Doctor Who, or the Hunger Games get all the geek fashion love. Well, Living Dead Clothing has gone back into the geek treasure trove for inspiration with their new Firefly: Big Damn Heroes line, created in conjunction with 20th Century Fox!

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#WeWantWidow Photo Round-Up: Images From the Black Widow Flash Mob

Everyone wants Natasha!

This weekend, a bunch of geeky women, frustrated by the erasure of Black Widow from Age of Ultron merchandise and the hemming and hawing surrounding a Black Widow film, took to the streets in seventeen cities all over the world in a Black Widow Flash Mob designed to raise awareness about the fact that there's a large demand for female characters like Black Widow in the sci-fi/fantasy/genre community. Check out the photos below!

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Let the World Know #WeWantWidow! Support Today’s Black Widow Flash Mob!

#WheresNatasha? ALL OVER THE WORLD!

You may have noticed a substantial increase in the amount of Natasha Romanoffs in your city today. That's because there's a Black Widow Flash Mob happening RIGHT NOW - both online, and in seventeen cities all over the world at NOON (each city's local time)! #WheresNatasha? EVERYWHERE!

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Awesome Geek Girl Rocks Arrow Inspired Prom Dress

Her outfit definitely hits the mark.

When Danielle Taylor heard about the "Sweet Dreams (or Candy Land)" theme for her school's prom, she decided she wanted something a little more... heroic.

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Vulcan Hoodie Stealths Like A Klingon Bird of Prey

As geeks who occasionally have to function in non-geeky parts of the world, we are always on the look out for items that function in both places. Things that let us preserve our secret identity while at the same time telegraphing what's really going on to anyone in the know. This hoodie is right in that niche. For when it's zipped up, it seems fairly normal. But if you adjust it just a bit:

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The Eisner Awards (Comic Book Resources)

(picture via Marvel.)

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