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Learn Some ASL Signs for Whovians With the Staff of the (Re)Generation Who Convention


We love it when conventions take all their fans into account. For Whovians, the (Re)Generation Who fan convention in Maryland has proven one of the most accessible for people with all sorts of needs, and is one of the few conventions that offers ASL interpreters for deaf fans. Check out this awesome video they alerted us to, where their ASL interpreters teach us some handy-dandy signs for a couple of words that would be important to any Whovian.

My favorite has to be the sign for TARDIS, which is so onomatopoetic!  In any case, (Re)Generation Who 2 is happening March 18-20 in Hunt Valley, MD. If you need an ASL interpreter, there’s a form you can fill out on their website!

Are any of you skilled in the ways of ASL? Care to share your knowledge and fill us in on some other signs Whovians should know? Feel free to post video links/photos in the comments below!

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