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Review: Battle of the Sexes Is a Nuanced Portrait of the Human Beings Behind the Historic Match

4.5/5 stars.

You know a film based on historical events is good when you know exactly how it's going to end, and you still find yourself on the edge of your seat hoping everything is going to turn out okay, because you've become so invested in the characters onscreen that you're sucked into their story as if it's unfolding for the first time. That is Fox Searchlight's Battle of the Sexes.

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Team Billie Jean: Emma Stone and the Battle of the Sexes Cast Pay Tribute to a “Strong, Powerful Woman With a Message”

Starring Emma Stone in the role of tennis legend Billie Jean King, and Steve Carell in the role of Bobby Riggs, Battle of the Sexes is as inspiring as the woman upon whose life it's based.

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Emma Stone Explains How Necessary Her Male Costars’ Help Is in the Battle For Equal Pay

Emma Stone describes how her male costars have taken voluntary pay cuts to ensure they're paid the same.

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Battle of the Sexes Trailer: Emma Stone & Steve Carell Take on the Famous Chauvinistic Tennis Feud

'There's not a single thing I don't hate about Bobby Riggs.'

One of the most spectacular stories in sports history is getting a movie adaptation, and the trailer looks like it might actually do the story justice.

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Kids, Please Stop Making These Celebrity “Promposal” Videos

You're making the grown-ups uncomfortable.

A high school student invited Emma Stone to prom in an elaborate viral video. Why are so many people hoping she'd say yes to a date with a teenager?

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Oscars 2017: Moonlight Wins Best Picture In Most Shocking Upset in Oscar History

If you were rooting for diversity to win out at this year's Oscars, only to throw up your hands and walk away from your screen when La La Land was announced as Best Picture, you missed something really important. La La Land didn't actually win. Moonlight did.

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Emma Stone Slays Anxiety and Panic Attacks to Slay the Oscar Campaign Trail for La La Land

It's easy to look at celebrities and just assume that they have it all together, especially when they look as poised and collected as Emma Stone generally does. However, they're sometimes battling through many of the same hardships that we are. In a recent interview, Emma Stone talks about how the glare of Hollywood, has been difficult for her in the face of the anxiety and panic attacks she's experienced since childhood.

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Emma Stone Has Beautiful Stories of Dealing With Anxiety and Ugly Stories of Sexism In Hollywood

We all want very badly to read the book Emma Stone wrote as a child to deal with her anxiety.

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Upbeat New La La Land Trailer is No Wonder Woman But It Still Gets the Job Done

La La Land released a new, livelier preview featuring even more singing and dancing than before.

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So That Zombieland Sequel Is Still in the Works

Does "better late than never" still apply here?

Writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese are giving up some new details on the much-delayed film.

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Emma Stone Hits All the Right Notes In New Trailer For the Musical La La Land With Ryan Gosling

Perfect pitch.

A gorgeous new trailer for the Hollywood musical La La Land has finally landed and it’s what dreams are made of.

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Swoon Over Ryan Gosling’s Singing Voice in First La La Land Trailer

Entertainment Weekly shared the very first trailer for La La Land, a full fledged musical starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.

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Grab Your Twinkies, The Zombieland 2 Logo Has Been Revealed

While attempts to get a Zombieland TV show off the ground were effectively double-tapped, it would appear that failure hasn't deterred Sony in its quest to give us more zombie stuff. At its CinemaCon presentation, the studio revealed logos for a number of upcoming projects, including Blade Runner, Spider-Man: Homecoming and the now-confirmed follow-up to the 2009 Zombieland.

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Emma Stone in Talks to Play Cruella de Vil in Live-Action Origin Story Movie

A couple months back Disney revealed plans to make a live-action Cruella de Vil movie in the style of Maleficent. The Hollywood Reporter states that Emma Stone is currently in negotiations to play the Disney villainess.

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Fan-made Spider-Gwen Trailer The Best Thing You Never Had

Get SO hyped and then really sad that it's not real.

Seriously, why do they keep making Spider-man movies when something as cool as Spider-Gwen exists?

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Emma Stone Talks Whitewashing, Playing the Love Interest to Older Men: “My Eyes Have Been Opened”

In a recent interview with an Australian news outlet, Emma Stone addressed the controversy surrounding her character in Cameron Crowe's critically panned Aloha.

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A Visual Guide to Exactly How Big the Relationship Age Gaps Are in Hollywood Films


There's been a lot of talk lately (and rightfully so) about the significant age gaps between couples in movies. We even talked at length about why it's so problematically portrayed and normalized in Hollywood films.

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Things We Saw Today: Be a Critical Hit at Your Next Tea Party with This Awesome D20 Mug

See what I did there?

I know what I'm drinking out of during my next RPG! Check out this awesome D20 mug from ThinkGeek! It will change your life (or at the very least keep your warm bevarages both warm and cute). It's $12.99. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

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Cameron Crowe Apologizes for Aloha‘s Whitewashing, Promises Greater Representation in the Future

"I am the one to blame."

Following intense scrutiny of Aloha's whitewashing and cultural appropriation, director Cameron Crowe has posted an essay on his personal website apologizing for casting Emma Stone as the Asian-American character Allison Ng.

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Review: Cameron Crowe’s Aloha Not As Feel-Good As It Wants To Be

Spring brought us the transgender-themed comedy Boy Meets Girl which does capture that overwhelming sense of joy, making it a “feel good film” in the best sense; but summer, amidst the many blockbusters, won’t have many smaller-scale films to balance the slate. One of the few rom-coms we are getting is Cameron Crowe’s new film Aloha, which isn’t nearly as feel good as it wants to be.

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