Tina Fey, Emma Stone, and Candice Bergen all wear Five Timers smoking jackets on stage at 'Saturday Night Live'.

Emma Stone Becomes the Youngest Member of ‘SNL’s Five-Timers Club

Emma Stone made her fifth appearance hosting Saturday Night Live last night, and as is tradition with the long-running comedy show, she was inducted into the Five-Timers Club. At 35 years old, Stone is the youngest member of the esteemed group and one of only six women in the club. The Oscar winner was joined by Five-Timers Tina Fey and Candice Bergen, who appeared in Stone’s monologue to welcome her to the club and give her the signature smoking jacket.

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Not only is Stone a huge fan of the legendary series (and a reliably fantastic host), but she also has a personal connection to the show. Stone married SNL segment director Dave McCrary in 2020, and the two have a daughter. Stone referenced her husband in her monologue, cutting to Lorne Michaels as a gag.

Fey and Bergen joked about the women’s section of the Five-Timers Club, with Bergen claiming the section features “Showers, a locker room, a big portrait with the eyes cut out so Martin Short can peek in,” adding that it “started as a small, quiet place to cry, but over the years it became a big, luxurious place to cry.”

Once Stone received her jacket, she noticed that there was a joint in the pocket. Fey quipped that it must be from Woody Harrelson, until Stone produced a vaccine card from another pocket, at which point Fey said it definitely wasn’t Harrelson’s (the Cheers star is a notorious anti-vaxxer).

The rest of the episode featured a cold open musical send-off for Bowen Yang’s George Santos, who performed a spoof of “Candle in the Wind.” Stone was great as usual, but she really shined in a sketch where she played a 1960s music producer for Mama Cass. The sketch made fun of the usage of the song “Make Your Own Kind of Music” in slo-mo action set pieces.

It was one of Stone’s best sketches ever, joining the ranks of “Wells for Boys” and “The Actress“. Always game and enthusiastic, Stone is a gifted comedic actress who will surely go down as one of the best, most versatile hosts Saturday Night Live has.

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