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Rumor: New Earbuds for the iPhone 5, Fans Fear Change

As everyone on the planet prepares for Apple to announce the iPhone 5 at their mysterious press event on September 12th, rumors about the new phone have reached critical mass. A new iPhone sounds great and all, but now it seems that Apple may plan on doing something else that will totally overshadow any and all of the next-gen phone's rumored new features... Apple may be redesigning their earbuds. BUM BUM, BUM.

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These Headphones Make Sure They’re in the Right Ears in Case You Can’t for Some Reason

Ever have one of those days where you put in your headphones, listen for a bit, realize they're in the wrong ears, and then have to suffer through the next hour or so listening to painfully reversed audio tracks? Of course not, because you just take the earbuds out and swap them around. But is that too much trouble for you? Do you demand convenience at a level boarding on obscene? Fear not, Universal Earphones can tell which ears they are in and swap audio channels automatically. Thank god, right?

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Eers Can Make Custom-Fit Earbuds in 5 Minutes

When you open up a pair of sound cancelling headphones, the first thing you have to do is play the "Which one of those weird nubs fits my ear canals best" game, which unfortunately can sometimes end in "None of them." Well, if you've ever wanted earbuds that fit you perfectly, your life just got easier. Custom molded headphones have existed for a while, but up until now they've required going to an audiologist, having a cast made and then sent out to a lab, waiting 2-3 weeks, and paying several hundreds of dollars at the least. Eers, introduced at CES, aims to remedy this by making custom fit earbuds wherever you want, in only five minutes.

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