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Rock Out To Pokémon Dubstep [VIDEO]

Why Not Do It With Some Style?

Lindsey Stirling is back and lending her talents to make the Pokémon theme song danceable. Although I'm partial to Choirfly's version, I like a little dubstep now and again. Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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We Could Watch This Dubstep Cat Forever… No, Seriously [Video]

What would be a good DJ name for a dubstep cat?

This video was first uploaded less than a month ago and it’s already got over 4,000,000 views. I have no idea how I’d been missing out on it for this long bur now I’m not going to be able to do anything else except watch it. This cat is magnificent. He is the heir to […]

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The Only Reason We’re Excited About Farming Simulator Coming to Consoles [Video]

Farming Simulator is a video game that does exactly what it sounds like: It lets you simulate farming. There's honestly not a whole lot more to say about it, other than it certainly has a small but devoted following. I'm not one of those people, but I do have a special place in my heart for the game. Why? For one reason and one reason only, and the news that Farming Simulator's coming to consoles allows me to share that with all of you.

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This Turkey Dubstep Video is the Greatest Thanksgiving Treat of All

We do our best to stay current with everything we put up here on Geekosystem, but if there's a better video to end Thanksgiving Day with than this one of two animated turkeys dropping sick nasty dubstep beats from back in May then we don't know what it is. Moreover, we don't even want to hear about it. We couldn't handle anything better than this right now because we're too sleepy and full.

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Dubstep Flying Superhero Kittens

Obligatory Baby Animal of the Day

It's Friday, and we know what you want. You want a video of cape-wearing superheroic cats being tossed in the air to some highly-produced hip-hop dustup. That itself is about superheroic cats. You didn't know that's what you wanted, but don't worry. We've got you covered. (As the original YouTube page disclaimer states, no animals were harmed in the making of this video.)

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This A Capella Dubstep Remix is Strangely Compelling [Video]

Now, dubstep might not be your cup of tea and -- if that's the case -- you're certainly not alone. But Mike Tompkins might be able to change your mind. He's remixed Santigold's Disparate Youth with Skrillex's Cinema using only his voice, live looping, and creative mixing. If it doesn't sound impressive, take a peek at the video and then see if that helps. Add in some projectors that fire whenever he hits certain buttons and suddenly it's a light show as well. It's such a masterful cover that one can only hope that Tompkins will continue down this particular avenue.

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Watch These Dubstep Robots Completely Lose Their Minds [Video]

To be fair, I totally freak out when people spill green cylinders too.

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Stop-Motion Animation for Delta Heavy Dubstep Video is Quite Pretty [Video]

Whether or not you love or hate dubstep, or any form of abrasive electronic music, you can't help but love some of the neat videos that come along with it. Take this video by Delta Heavy, for instance; if you hate the music, it still provides some really awesome visuals. Especially when drops become filthy sick and all the childhood games you played end up getting murdered.

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Insane Skrillex Mash-Up Layers 19 Songs, Is Surprisingly Listenable [Video]

There's something Internet-y about dubstep. There's also something Internet-y about needless excess, like mashing up 19 Skrillex songs with no pitch shifting, and playing 11 of them simultaneously just because you can. The result is, astonishingly, not mind-numbingly horrible; I'll let you draw your own conclusions as to what that says about dubstep on the whole. That said, the only thing missing from this video is maybe a cat -- no -- recursive cats. Now that would be a Frankenstein's mash-up worth writing home about.

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Dubstep Hipster Cat is 35 Crazy Seconds of Pure, Distilled Internet [Video]

Haven't been online for a while? Here is a concise, effective summary of the Internet at large by xgabberx. Enjoy.

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Impossibly Hip Grandma Dances to Dubstep [Video]

Some people can keep up with the times, some people can't. I think it has to do with your genes. This grandma is one of the former, however, so much so that she'll dance to dubstep. Granted, she looks a little bit confused before the drop, but then she gets it and starts grooving. This definitely isn't my favorite dancing-related viral video grandma, but she's a close second. You keep rockin', Grandma.

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Two Dancers Do an Impressive Dubstep Robot [Video]

At a talent show in Denmark, the Robotboys don shiny outfits and show us that the only way one can dance to dubstep, is to do the robot. One might think that both dubstep and the robot are silly, and while that may be true, these guys are actually impressive.

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Nokia Has A New Dubstep Ringtone and That's Terrible

Nokia's standard ringtone is a classic. Not satisfied with having a classic, however, it seems that Nokia is determined to get with the times, market to the hip young kiddos, and be fresh and relevant in the not-at-all-diminishingly-important world of ringtones. How? That's easy. Dubstep, bro. Kids love the dubsteps. Right? RIGHT?! Apparently they do, because the 24 second dubstep-tastic ringtone by Valerio Alessandro Sizzi won the Nokia Tune competition with 1000 likes on Facebook, winning against 6,200 other entries. In addition to having his ringtone pre-loaded on over 100 million Nokia phones (every musician's dream), he also gets paid (actually every musician's dream) a cool $10,000 for his efforts. Coincidentally enough, that appears to be exactly how much Nokia's remaining dignity is worth, and judging by their comments on the winner, they seem to be glad to be rid of the pesky stuff.

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