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Things We Saw Today: Drake Has a Zero-Tolerance Policy for Sexual Assault While He’s Performing

Drake stops mid-rap to call out a man in the crowd. He shuts down the music, points directly at the guy and tells him, "If you don't stop touching girls, I'm gonna come out there and f*ck you up."

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Things We Saw Today: The Full-Length Trailer for Hidden Figures, a Biopic About the Black Women Behind NASA’s Space Race

We've already gotten to see a teaser trailer for Hidden Figures, but today we've got a full-length trailer with just a little bit more from Taraji P. Henson (as Katherine Johnson), Octavia Spencer (as Dorothy Vaughan) and Janelle Monáe (as Mary Jackson).

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Things We Saw Today: Drake Says He’s More Than a Meme

Drake is more than just meme fodder, everyone, and he wants you to remember that in this monologue from last night's Saturday Night Live.

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Jimmy Fallon Covering “Hotline Bling” as Bob Dylan Is Peak Internet Culture

Here's a video of Jimmy Fallon singing "Hotline Bling" as Bob Dylan on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. That is a real sentence I wrote here, in the year 2016.

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Female Artist Covers “Hotline Bling,” Flips the Script to Empower Women Instead of Shaming Them

Ceresia covered "Hotline Bling," but in her own way, singing from the perspective of the ex. She totally blasts the needy ex-boyfriend and completely owns the track.

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The Avengers Aren’t Exactly “Hotline Bling” Fans

Sorry, Drake. Your talents are lost on Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Thanks to IGN, we now have the perfect mashup of Drake and The Avengers. While Drake is certainly more than eager to show off his particular talents, the superheroes don't seem inclined to want to let him out of his jail cell aboard the Helicarrier.

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Dry Your Tears: Netflix Has Rescued Degrassi

Or Degrassi has rescued Netflix, depending on your level of fandom.

Break out the ketchup chips! Netflix is going to make us (or at least the media we grew up on) immortal--in a Tweet earlier this morning, the streaming service announced that it had rescued seminal Canadian series Degrassi from the jaws of an untimely death.

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Hostess to Shut Down, Zombieland Closer to Reality Than Ever

No one is going to take this news harder than Woody Harrelson's character from Zombieland, but Hostess is going out of business, threatening the world's Twinkie supply. The labor strikes we told you about on Tuesday have proven too much for the company to handle, and it will now close its doors and fire all 18,500 of its employees. So much for Twinkies lasting forever.

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