The Avengers Aren’t Exactly “Hotline Bling” Fans

Sorry, Drake. Your talents are lost on Earth's Mightiest Heroes.
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Sometimes you can’t bring a good meme down.

When singer-songwriter Drake released his latest music video for his single “Hotline Bling”, it quickly became apparent that this was going to be ripe for the memeing. From inserting Star Wars lightsabers to giving Drake a pizza to flip, there’s already a fair amount of remake videos out there that take “Hotline Bling” and turn it into something completely different. This latest, however, might just take the cake.

Thanks to IGN, we now have the perfect mashup of Drake and The Avengers. While Drake is certainly more than eager to show off his particular talents, the superheroes don’t seem inclined to want to let him out of his jail cell aboard the Helicarrier.

While there appear to be some who are unmoved—Thor, Black Widow and Maria Hill are particularly stonefaced—is it possible that Bruce Banner might actually be a secret Drake fan? This is busting the doors wide open on some major headcanon potential.

The only part I’m disappointed about is missing out on the reactions of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. I highly suspect those two might not be able to find common ground on the subject of Drake, though.

(via IGN)

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