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Things We Saw Today: Drake Says He’s More Than a Meme

Drake is more than just meme fodder, everyone, and he wants you to remember that in this monologue from last night’s Saturday Night Live.

  • Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is getting his own official Funko figure (along with Hawkeye, but in the words of T’Challa in Civil War, “I don’t care.”)! (via Comic Book Resources)
  • Several female stars, directors and writers were in attendance at a luncheon hosted by Netflix, SAG-AFTRA and women in film, wherein the streaming service was quoted as saying that their successful female-led shows were a “testament to their talent.” (via Variety)
  • There’s going to be an official World of Warcraft cookbook. (via io9)
  • Ruh-roh, Raggy! A van painted to look like the Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo crashed into a house, but I guess those meddling kids are still at large. (via Comic Book Resources)
  • Madeleine Lebeau, the last surviving performer from the 1942 Academy Award-winning film Casablanca passed away at the age of 92. (via Deadline)

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