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Things We Saw Today: Good Art Dog Contemplates Paintings and Life

Art dog Ella Fitzgerald has an appreciation for art criticism. Her human, artist Julia Powell, says the golden retriever will "spend as much as two minutes in front of a canvas and then she'll resume dog activities...She'll look at the same canvas as much as five times during the day."

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Monday Cute: It’s Okay Little Emu Friend, I’ll Play With You If That Basset Hound Won’t

Though if it wants to, it can come, too.

It's especially cute because basset hounds normally look so... non-plussed about literally everything.

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Monday Cute: Golden Retriever Rescued From Icy Michigan Lake

Last Wednesday, a 14-year-old dog fell into a hole in ice at White Lake. Don't worry though, he's ok!

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Things We Saw Today: Confuse Yourself With This Westworld Mystery Question Supercut

If you're still reeling a little bit from that Westworld finale, you're not alone. So why don't you go ahead and really double down on that feeling by watching this incredible supercut of literally all of the mysterious questions posed throughout the show.

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Monday Cute: The Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary Facebook Page Is Purest, Kindest Site on the Internet

The Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary in Mount Juliet, Tennessee is a pure gem.

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Monday Cute: This Dog’s Human Dressed as Her Favorite Toy, All Will Be Okay Now

Ben Mesches knew that his pupper loved the heck out of her Gumby toy, so it was just a wonderful moment in the making when he tossed on a Gumby costume and walked into the living room.

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These Dogs Recreating Mean Girls Wish You a Happy Mean Girls Day

DogVacay, a dogsitting finder service, decided to ring in Mean Girls Day their own way by recreating classic scenes from the movie with puppies.

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Monday Cute: Strong in the Force Your Pupper Is, Hmm? So Buy These Yoda Ears For Them You Must!

Here's a brand new toy for you Star Wars fans who just so happen to own the best most perfect doggo in the world (which is every doggo, let's be honest).

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Monday Cute: Perfect Doggo Enjoys Getting Vacuumed, Good Pupper, Well Done, Doggum, Good Job

Here's a video of a dog getting vacuumed. Yeah, I know.

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Monday Cute: Three Shiba Inus Just Hanging Out at a Cement Wall

Such cement, much wall.

In "is this real life or am I on a video game quest" news, Nagasaki-based singer YURI shared this image of three Shiba Inus peaking out of holes in a cement drainage wall.

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Behold, a Brand New American Kennel Club Breed of Puppies: the Pumi

Hey! Let me tell you about some dogs. These are some fine, premium dogs, friend.

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Things We Saw Today: Here’s a Dog Who Paints With the Help of Its Human. You’re Welcome

Here's a dog that can paint with the help of its human. Jumpy's adorable, and you know you needed this video today.

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Things We Saw Today: Conan O’Brien & Steven Yeun Get a K-Pop Makeover

Steven Yeun and Conan made a trip to South Korea to make this music video with JYP Entertainment which is colorful and catchy. (Trigger Warning for epilepsy)

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Monday Cute: Four Shelter Dogs Were “Ball Dogs” at the Brazil Open

Four shelter dogs in São Paulo, Brazil were trained to be "ball dogs" at an exhibition tennis match at the Brazil Open last month.

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Watch a Real Dog Throw Down Against One of Those Creepy Robo-Dogs

We make plenty of jokes about being afraid of these Boston Dynamics robot dogs (jokes, I say), but it seems like we're not alone in the "oh my gosh what is this what's happening I don't like this" camp. Dogs--that is, flesh and blood dogs--don't like them either.

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Find Out What Kind of Dogs Some of Your Favorite Characters Are

Bing's latest grab for personal photos fun, harmless novelty project,, analyzes whatever photos you throw at it to tell you what kind of dog is in the photo. So of course, I had to find out what kind of dog some of our favorite characters are.

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Monday Cute: Right Out the Gate, an Early Contender for Dog Vine of the Year Award

This isn't your run of the mill "who's your best friend" dog vine, oh no.

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Monday Cute: Puppy Hears a Guitar for the First Time, Gently Falls Asleep

Basically, the exact opposite of waking up on Mondays to a nasty alarm.

Meet Nyx, a tiny Bernese Mountain Dog, who's gently serenaded with an acoustic guitar.

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Monday Cute: Dog Cools Off With Giant Slide Into Lake

Jealous tbh

I hate the summer heat so, so much, but if anything good came out of it, it's this video.

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Star Wars Cosplayers Are Here To Brighten Your Day With Pets

Sorry, no ysalamiri.

The 501st Legion: Capital City Garrison and the Ottawa Humane Society have the cure for what ails your daily blues: cuddly, fuzzy wuzzies that you can (and should!) totally adopt.

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