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Things We Saw Today: Here’s a Dog Who Paints With the Help of Its Human. You’re Welcome

Here’s a dog that can paint with the help of its human. Jumpy’s adorable, and you know you needed this video today. (via Laughing Squid)

  • Apparently St. Vincent is directing a horror short as part of an incredible-sounding all-female horror anthology called XX! There is no part of this that I am not excited about. (via Birth.Movies.Death.)
  • According to a study carried out by folks at the University of Minnesota, those emojis you keep using to punctuate your texts and e-mails could be taken the wrong way. Misunderstandings over what emojis actually mean could very well be a problem we’ll have to address soon. (via Yahoo!)

doctor strange

First of all: you have no idea how many times I wrote “Sanctum Santorum.” It’s… obscene. Have you been keeping up with this latest flurry of Doctor Strange news? Here’s a brand new bit for you today: a first peek at the good Doctor’s Sanctum Sanctorum as part of a brand new movie poster premiere. What do you think? (via /Film)

  • Speaking of Marvel heroes, here’s a fantastic sight gag/pun: Spider-Man mourning the loss of his Uncle Ben. Get it? Uncle Ben?! Haaaaaa. Sorry. (via Tor)
  • Random topic change: apparently a company that creates holograms just obtained a license to the likeness of one Christopher Wallace, aka Notorious B.I.G., aka Biggie. What’s more, they’re taking the hologram on tour to “perform in various capacities including on-stage delivery and music videos.” Uh… I’ve got some feelings about this one. (via Jezebel)

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