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Monday Cute: Three Shiba Inus Just Hanging Out at a Cement Wall

Such cement, much wall.

In “is this real life or am I on a video game quest” news, Nagasaki-based singer YURI shared this image of three Shiba Inus peaking out of holes in a cement drainage wall. The square holes double as a window, giving the three dogs a look at the road and lucky passerby a big dose of cuteness. Why else would they be just the perfect size to fit their lil’ floofy Shiba Inu heads?

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While the first two don’t look super amused, it seems like the dog on the right has spotted something! As cute as they are though, the sign above warns strangers not to give the dogs treats, stating “We’ll get upset stomachs, so please don’t feed us.” But can we give them love and those happy sobs you get when confronted with overwhelmingly cute things? Ok, cool.

(via Laughing Squid)

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