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How to Make Festive Peppermint Resident Evil Cupcakes

om nom nom

Somebody Made a TARDIS Jukebox out of Recycled Cardboard, and It’s Pretty Amazing

A TARDIS made of pizza boxes sounds like the greatest thing to ever exist.

Nine months ago, geophysicist David Prouty's teenage daughter challenged him to create something awesome out of recycled boxes for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary. He's a tiny bit late, but after seeing that he basically made his own whooshing, light-flashing TARDIS, we're totally willing to forgive him.

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These Are Game of Thrones Snowflakes; Commence “Winter Is Coming” Jokes

You know nothing Jon Snow

You can make your own versions of these snowflakes for a geeky addition to your holiday decorations. Ned Stark would be so proud.

(via: The Huffington Post)

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How To Make Your Own Sandworm Costume; Edible Sardaukar Not Included

Fear is the Mind Killer

But what Instructables user Canida does include in her DIY guide, is instructions on how to turn the rest of your family into Fremen minions. Previously in Dune

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Be a Hoopy Frood Who Really Knows How to Make a Towel Into a “Don’t Panic” Messenger Bag

Don't Panic

It's easy to remember to bring your towel everywhere if you have a handy towel bag to keep it in. And if you don't have a towel bag, you can just make one out of your towel, according to Nerd by Night's tutorial. You do have your towel, don't you?

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For $10, Convert Your Smartphone into a Microscope with Photo and Video Capabilities

Science made smartphones amazing. Now smartphones are making science amazing. It's all very nice.

Now you can do science at home with a $10 DIY smartphone microscope stand. Like pretty much everything else they touch, smartphones make microscopes better by making them less expensive, more portable, and granting you the ability to take photos and video of your subjects. It's great to live in the future.

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How to Braid Your (Long) Hair into a Gimli Beard

There And Back Again

Middle school English teacher Marcella Clinard used this costume to threaten her students with a good axing if they didn't read The Lord of the Rings. And she's willing to tell other people who are long of hair and short of beard how to do the same. (via Neatorama.) Previously in How To

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Create Your Very Own Glitch Art, Become as Terrifyingly Awesome as a Broken GIF

It's basically Instagram for Nerd Hipsters.

Have you ever taken an amazingly-clear digital photo with your phone or camera, and become suddenly nostalgic for the old days of broken images and creepy glitches? Well, despair no more, hipsters of the internet, because this new DIY Image Glitch Generator is here to help.

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Beautiful DIY Doctor Who Window Blinds

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

Looking to class up your method of blocking the light of the daystar from searing your tender flesh? Craftermath has a solution for the Doctor Who fan that looks great day or night. Check out some pictures of the process here, but visit the site for all the instructions.

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This Russian DIY Carnival Ride Looks As Fun As It Is Dangerous [Video]

And man oh man, does it ever look dangerous!

Fact: The degree to which a carnival ride seems to imperil your life is directly correlated to how much fun it is. Need proof? Here are three Russian knuckleheads demonstrating the ultimate DIY thrill ride by riding in the bucket of a construction digger that spins them around and periodically dunks them into a pond. What could go wrong?

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For the Good of All of Us, Build a Companion Cube for Your Cat

For monster

I'm a cat person and even I know that a beloved cat would be a mere whim away from murdering an entire household with nerve gas, had they the power. All the more reason, according to our testing robot, to subject them to a rigorous series of tests, to record their reactions to face scritches, sunny patches, and pieces of tuna. At least, that's what she's been saying ever since we let that small, furry visiting researcher install a new personality core.

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DIY Abacus Bracelet For Your Everyday Calculating Needs

Do Try This At Home

I've thought of a number of choice applications for a DIY abacus bracelet, but I think my favorite one would be using it as the calculator watch equivalent for the nerdy wizard character you LARP once a month. Instructions and more pictures can be found at Instructables. Previously in DIY

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Oreo-Separating Genius David Neevel on His New MTV Other Show Practically Useful

David Neevel is what MacGyver strives to be.

David Neevel likes to build things, but he doesn't like the creme in the middle of Oreos. That's why he built a machine that removes it with a hatchet. It was one of a series of videos Oreo released showing interesting ways to separate the creme and the cookie. Now Neevel has his own show on MTV's new online outlet MTV Other called Practically Useful. On the show he builds things you never knew you needed -- like a coffee cup with a level indicator.

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Turn Anything In Your House Into A Flying Drone With This Drone-It-Yourself Kit [Video]

Droneifying is a thing, and you can do it to pretty much anything on your desk right now with this quick and easy kit.

Real talk? The skies of the future are going to be full of drones. Government drones, drones owned by companies, personal drones, drones for surveillance, drones for environmental protection, drones delivering pizzas. For our part, we believe that if the skies are going to be crowded with nightmarish flying robots watching our every step, some of them may as well be creatively designed. That's where this handy kit designed by Jasper van Loenen comes in. Using a few simple 3D-printed parts, you can turn "droneify" pretty much anything you own.

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You Had Us At Laser Gatling Gun [Video]

A machine gun that shoots lasers? It's all I've ever wanted, but now that it's real...I just don't know what to do. It's so beautiful, you guys!

It's official -- German laser aficionado Patrick Priebe has all the best toys. We've brought you looks at Priebe's work before, including a working replica of the Dead Space plasma cutter, but his newest project really takes the cake, because seriously, all I've ever wanted out of life is a gatling gun that shoots high-energy lasers. Which means all I have to do to make my life complete is go and steal Priebe's.

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Ever Been So Angry You Tried to Eat Your Controller?

om nom nom

Well, you should probably keep some controller cookies around for those kinds of emergencies. PC gamers, well... I recommend not thinking about how your keyboard probably contains so many crumbs already that it could be considered an edible object.

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How To Knit Crochet Your Turtle a Bowser Cosy

Do Try This At Home

I'm certain there is some space in the center of the Venn Diagram of people who own turtles and people who can knit crochet. I suggest the rest of you on that chart team up immediately.

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7 Geeky DIY Father’s Day Gifts Dad Might Actually Want

Have you waited until now to think about a Father's Day gift? Grab your soldering iron. We're here to help.

Tomorrow is Father's Day here in the United States. We're assuming our readers are all good sons and daughters who plan ahead for this sort of thing, but if you find yourself in a bit of a bind this year, might we recommend that homemade approach? We've got some great ideas for last minute gifts you can make yourself, and they beat the pants off that ash tray you made in third grade.

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Bake Your Own Xenomorph Eggs… Then Devour Them With Butter

It Came From Outer Space

Chris-Rachael over at Kitchen Overlord has a how-to on making these surprisingly evocative little pretzel rolls that are very convincing as zenomorph eggs. Just look at those hints of green... We've just posted some pictures of the process here, but you can find full instructions and the recipe right here.

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Wishes Do Come True: How to Make Creme Brulee Dragon Balls

om nom nom

Collect all seven creme brulee cake ball Dragon Balls and summon the creme brulee dragon! He only grants wishes about desserts, though. I'm gonna ask him to bring back that instant oatmeal with gummy bears that I used to eat when I was a kid.

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