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7 Geeky DIY Father’s Day Gifts Dad Might Actually Want

Have you waited until now to think about a Father's Day gift? Grab your soldering iron. We're here to help.


Fathers Day

Tomorrow is Father’s Day here in the United States. We’re assuming our readers are all good sons and daughters who plan ahead for this sort of thing, but if you find yourself in a bit of a bind this year, might we recommend that homemade approach? We’ve got some great ideas for last minute gifts you can make yourself, and they beat the pants off that ash tray you made in third grade.

Take a look at our seven suggestions for DIY Father’s Day gifts. Each suggestion is complete with a link to instructions, so you should be able to get any of these finished in time to hastily toss them in a gift bag by brunch tomorrow.

[geekovision id=251]

Hope that helps!

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