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Turn Anything In Your House Into A Flying Drone With This Drone-It-Yourself Kit [Video]

Droneifying is a thing, and you can do it to pretty much anything on your desk right now with this quick and easy kit.

Real talk? The skies of the future are going to be full of drones. Government drones, drones owned by companies, personal drones, drones for surveillance, drones for environmental protection, drones delivering pizzas. For our part, we believe that if the skies are going to be crowded with nightmarish flying robots watching our every step, some of them may as well be creatively designed. That’s where this handy kit designed by Jasper van Loenen comes in. Using a few simple 3D-printed parts, you can turn “droneify” pretty much anything you own.

van Loenen’s kit looks to make quadcopters more diverse by offering a printable set of clamps, motors, and a power source that can turn coffee table books, fine china, or anything else you own into your own personal flying drone. What are you looking forward to making a drone out of?

(via engadget)

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