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Open-Source Facebook Alternative Diaspora* Releases Its Source Code

Back in May, you may recall that an open-source Facebook rival called Diaspora* burst into national prominence overnight thanks to a New York Times profile and strong anti-Facebook sentiment, raising more than $200,000 over Kickstarter when they had only been shooting for $10,000. (They or someone else also managed to sneak a dirty UNIX joke in the New York Times.) Last night, the Diaspora* teamĀ opened up its source code to developers and gave us our first glimpse at what Diaspora* will look like.

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There’s a Dirty UNIX Joke in the New York Times’ Facebook Backlash Story (Update)

This morning's New York Times features a story on a group of NYU undergraduates working on a would-be Facebook killer called Diaspora*, the software for which "will let users set up their own personal servers, called seeds, create their own hubs and fully control the information they share." The article is a neat read both for the specifics of the proposal and the anti-Facebook sentiment it highlights amongst young'uns in the tech community; it also marks what may be the first time a dirty UNIX joke has managed to sneak into the hallowed pages of the Times. A tipster draws our attention to the writing on the left side of the chalkboard behind the students: "TOUCH GREP UNZIP MOUNT FSCK FSCK FSCK UMOUNT." Wait a second: That's not intelligible code! It's almost as if it has another meaning.

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