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The Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Trailer Just Won Trailers [Video]

Full disclosure: I'm not sure I will play Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. It's getting to be all summery, which generally knocks my video gaming down to pretty meager levels. What I can tell you for sure is that I will be watching this trailer over and over again, because it's what all trailers for all things should be like. It's got cyborg soldiers, cyborg generals who are also part-lizard I think, and a jaguar sort of a thing with glowing eyes that we can only assume is also some sort of cyborg. Seriously. It's the best. Check it out below.

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Rocket-Powered Prosthetics Will Allow Us to Compete With Our Robot Masters

The world of prosthetics is reaching critical turning point. Though the goal in the field has always been to replicate and replace human limbs as accurately as possible, we're now able to see a future where mechanical enhancements may make people stronger and faster than when they were whole. There's no reason why prosthetic-wearers shouldn't be allowed to live as discrete super-human cyborgs, though. Researchers at the University of Alabama are trying to make their new rocket-powered ankle more discrete than those controversial prosthetic blades from a few years back.

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2,700 Year Old Egyptian Mummy’s Fake Toe Is World’s First Prosthetic Device, Works Surprisingly Well

Researchers at the University of Manchester have proven that a pair of false toes found in Egyptian archaeological sites weren't just for looks. Modern tests on replicas of the ancient replacement digits show that they really do help people walk, confirming their status as the world's first prosthetic devices and pushing back the timeline on mankind's development of convenient spare body parts -- because hey, sometimes you're gonna lose a toe -- as much as half a century.

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Cyborg Snails May Be The Future Of Military Recon

Organisms are really quite spectacular engines. Not only do they use their own power to keep themselves fueled, but they also fuel themselves with stuff that is literally growing out of the ground and falling out of the sky. That's way more than you could ask of the engine in a car, or a turbine in a power plant. Or is it?  Evgeny Katz and a team at Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York are trying to change that, not by making engines as intelligent as organisms, but by making organisms into engines. Specifically snails. Electricity-generating cyborg snails. Saturday morning cartoon anyone?

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Here’s a Cyborg Made Out of Old Macs

Not only is this a picture of a person wearing a cyborg suit made entirely of old Mac computers, but if you look next to the costumed person, you'll find Chinese mutton-chopped Steve Jobs.

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The Future Was Going to be Killer, Said the Past [Video]

Apparently, when predicting what the future would entail for those of us, people thought that the human population would be infiltrated with a bunch of emotional robots, computers that could manipulate our subconscious, and CYBORGSCYBORGSCYBORGS. Whatever. Robots can't even juggle ... oh. (via Everything Is Terrible)

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Man Designs Camera to Replace His Glass Eye

When life gives you lemons, you clone those lemons, and you make super-lemons. When life gives you an empty eye socket, you design a tiny camera to fit inside it and call yourself Eyeborg. Canadian filmmaker Rob Spence lost his right eye in a shooting accident, but only recently have he and his collaborators completed a functional prototype of his new prosthesis that is also a camera.

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