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The Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Trailer Just Won Trailers [Video]


Full disclosure: I’m not sure I will play Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. It’s getting to be all summery, which generally knocks my video gaming down to pretty meager levels. What I can tell you for sure is that I will be watching this trailer over and over again, because it’s what all trailers for all things should be like. It’s got cyborg soldiers, cyborg generals who are also part-lizard I think, and a jaguar sort of a thing with glowing eyes that we can only assume is also some sort of cyborg. Seriously. It’s the best. Check it out below.

In all seriousness: If society collapsed tomorrow and aliens arrived in a hundred years to sift through our remains, my fondest hope is that they would discover this trailer and make it the basis for all of their future trailers. It’s good enough that it should be the ur-trailer from which a new breed of trailers is born. Trailers that are all-cyborg, all the time, as God intended.

(via VG247)

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