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Man Designs Camera to Replace His Glass Eye

When life gives you lemons, you clone those lemons, and you make super-lemons.  When life gives you an empty eye socket, you design a tiny camera to fit inside it and call yourself Eyeborg.

Canadian filmmaker Rob Spence lost his right eye in a shooting accident, but only recently have he and his collaborators completed a functional prototype of his new prosthesis that is also a camera.

From IEEE Spectrum:

The bionic eye is simply designed, and components are constantly changing. It basically contains a 1.5mm-square, low-res video camera, a small round printed circuit board, video transmitter, and a 3-volt rechargeable Varta microbattery. The components are contained in resealable clear acrylic used in false eyes, but it has two holes for wires to recharge the battery.

Spence can recharge it, he says “via USB off my laptop.”  The transmitter is fairly weak, in order to get a clear signal, Spence holds an antenna up to his cheek.  He’s already thinking about building a Borg-esque harness for it.  Among the other things he enjoys equipping his face with is an earlier version of the prototype that is equipped with a red LED.

Excellent super-lemons, sir.  Keep up the good work.

Eyeborg Phase II from eyeborg on Vimeo.

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