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Things We Saw Today: LeVar Purrton as Geordi La Furge

"But don't take my purr for it!"

Not pictured: Data the robotic Starfleet cat, and Spot the Human.

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Our First Look At The Flash‘s Captain Cold, Plus a Flash-y New Trailer

Just as long as he doesn't make any Mr. Freeze puns.

The grapevine's saying some pretty good things about The Flash, which premiered last night on the CW. We'll have an open thread for you to share your thoughts a bit later on in the day, but for now, here's our first look at Prison Break's Wentworth Miller as baddie Captain Cold. He's in the trailer above, plus you can see him in some pics below the cut.

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CW’S The Flash Releases Cast Portraits, First Episode Will Be Three Minutes Longer

Who's excited?

For a show that's all about running at superhuman speeds, it is taking forever for The Flash to make its way onto our televisions. Another week and a half? Augh. At least we have these cool cast portraits from Access Hollywood of Grant Gustin, Jesse Martin, Candice Patton, and the whole Flash team to tide us over until October 7th.

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Things We Saw Today: Concept Art Shows Missing Snouts Were Just The Tip Of Bay’s TMNT Iceberg

These are straight-up Giger worthy.

If this is what early concept art of the TMNT reboot's Turtles looked like, I shudder to think of the preliminary Shredder sketches out there.

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The Star of Original The Flash Series Is Gonna Play Barry Allen’s Dad In The New Show

That's just adorable.

Remember in the early '90s when CBS tried to make a TV version of The Flash starring John Wesley Shipp? Yeah. It didn't take so well, lasting not even a season before it was unceremoniously cancelled due to poor ratings and a bad time slot. But now Shipp's going to get another chance to associate himself with the fastest man alive -- as his dad.

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Alright, CW, We’re Sold on The Flash With This Five-Minute Trailer

With a special appearance by Green Arrow.

The little teaser of The Flash we got with last night's Arrow finale was, well, underwhelming. Not bad, but nothing to really get excited about. This extended trailer though? This is something we can get excited about.

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Blink and You’ll Miss Barry Allen in CW’s First Ever The Flash Trailer


It's hard to exactly cut to the heart of a character in a less-than-a-minute long trailer, but I feel like the CW definitely accomplished it in this one. Slow, dramatic Green Arrow bow-drawing montage interrupted by a giant speed-running dork? Yeah, that's the Flash. Perfectly executed, team.

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The Flash Costume’s Finally Been Revealed in All Its Crimson and Gold Glory

Insert that totally iconic Flash catchphrase that everybody knows right here.

After that last tantalizing profile image of Grant Gustin in the Flash costume made waves across the Internet, CW is showing us another peak at the soon-to-be-released superhero garb—this time from the front.

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CW Released Their First Image Of “The Flash” and He’s Lookin’ Pretty Aight

Blink and you'll miss it.

The CW has finally given us a glimpse of what their Fastest Man Alive will look like in a new promotional image, and would you believe it if we told you that the costume seems kind of awesome? Wait, a live-action interpretation of a DC Comics superhero that doesn't look awkward on first glance? Say it isn't so.

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It’s Confirmed: The Flash Live-Action Television Series Coming to the CW

Usain Bolt's popularity and unfairly cool name reminds execs that the Flash was actually kind of awesome.

Innocuous laymen Barry Allen is set to make several appearances (specifically, episodes 8, 9, and 20) on the second season of Arrow, before gaining super speed, reflexes that break the laws of physics, some bright red spandex, and starring in his show.

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