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Things We Saw Today: This Boy and His Tauntaun Costume Will See You in Heck

This little kid has the best Halloween costume.

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Did You Ever Think, “There Should Be A Hannibal Cookbook?” Well NBC Is Making One.

Damn, I'm out of fava beans!

I personally have never had such a thought. Nope. Never.

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Our Chat with John Holl, Author of the “Cookbook Made for Beer Geeks” The American Craft Beer Cookbook

This interview pairs well with your favorite beer.

Brewing beer is science, and breweries all over the country are stepping up their game as part of the craft beer movement. Saveur says the new American Craft Beer Cookbook by author John Holl was, "made for beer geeks." It focuses on how craft beer can be paired with, and in many cases used in food, and the results are delicious.

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Want 500 Free Sandwich Recipes? Course You Do. Sandwiches are Delicious.

Point of fact: You don't actually have to be a man to eat these.

If you're not familiar with The Art of Manliness blog, you probably should be. It covers things like how to dress and groom oneself, "Manly Skills", and building better relationships. Oh, also sandwiches. They declared April the "Month of Sandwiches" and they've compiled all 500 submitted recipes into a free eBook you can go get right now.

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The +5 Food of Eating RPG Cookbook Will Make Your Adventures Delicious

Let's face it, we don't exactly eat the healthiest food while playing tabletop RPGs. Most of what we munch on in between dice rolls consists of things that came in a bag, a can, or a cardboard box. Well, +5 Food of Eating is here to help! This RPG cookbook by Tiffany Simmons aims to fill your belly up with all manner of gamer-friendly goodies. Here's the best part: You can help fund it through KickStarter! Click through to learn more about this tasty project.

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This is a Cook Book that You Can Eat

In what is likely the best use of pasta you'll see today comes this cookbook from the Gerstenberg Publishing House. As the title implies, it's a cookbook that you can eat. And we're not talking just edible paper here -- this is the big leagues. Each page of the book is printed on a sheet of delicious pasta, and the entire book is meant to be read and then baked as a lasagna. Finally, the perfect way to sate your literary and literal hunger.

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