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The +5 Food of Eating RPG Cookbook Will Make Your Adventures Delicious

Let’s face it, we don’t exactly eat the healthiest food while playing tabletop RPGs. Most of what we munch on in between dice rolls consists of things that came in a bag, a can, or a cardboard box. Well, +5 Food of Eating is here to help! This RPG cookbook by Tiffany Simmons aims to fill your belly up with all manner of gamer-friendly goodies. Here’s the best part: You can help fund it through KickStarter! Click through to learn more about this tasty project.

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According to the project’s Kickstarter, the idea for a cookbook geared specifically toward tabletop gamers was hatched after Tiffany Simmons started a Google+ thread about how players enhance their gaming experience through the use of food. Simmons realized how much the food players eat can affect a game and began planning a role-playing-themed cookbook; +5 Food of Eating was born!

My goal is to collect recipes, carefully judge them based on how well they can feed a crowd, the level of ease it takes to make, budget-friendliness, and how well they hold up in the danger zone of character sheets, maps, and miniatures. I will also include recipes and menu suggestions for special occasions, like in-character feasts, LARPS, birthday parties, or even DM appreciation day!

This cookbook is sure to include a variety of delicious dishes to serve at a late night RPG session. There is even a chance for backers to submit their own favorite recipes for inclusion in the book. Take a look at the Kickstarter video down below and make sure to show your support here!

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