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The Sony PlayStation 4 Controller Prototype’s the Real Deal

Images of what has since been confirmed, not by Sony, but multiple sources, as an official PlayStation 4 controller prototype started circulating yesterday. The first image that surfaced was, shall we say, not great. The angle made it look like the whole thing was rather stubby, and the screen or touchpad -- who knows at this point -- in the middle looked completely superfluous. The latest image to crop up doesn't put all of these concerns to rest, but it certainly makes the whole thing look a lot more polished.

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Wikipad, Tablet and Controller Combo, to Cost $499 at Launch

The Wikipad is particularly odd amid a wide field of gaming device oddities. It originally made waves back in January due to its inclusion of glasses-free 3D technology, but now it doesn't even have that. That hasn't stopped the company behind the controller-enhanced Android tablet, aptly named Wikipad Inc., from pressing on. Their eponymous device will be brought to the masses courtesy of GameStop with a $499 price tag attached.

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OUYA Reveals Its Controller, Partnership with OnLive

Remember the OUYA? The little game console that exceeded its Kickstarter goal on the first day saw a few big announcements today. First, game-streaming service OnLive will be featured on the OUYA. On top of that big news, the console's controller was revealed. Make the jump to learn more!

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New Xbox 360 Controller Improves D-Pad, Removes Button Color, $64.99 on November 9th

Starting on November 9th, a newly redesigned Xbox 360 controller will be available in the US for $64.99.

The controller sports a number of new features, most importantly, the controller's much-maligned D-Pad has been replaced by a transformer. Simply turn the circular bed the D-Pad rests in, and the directional button raises from the bed, providing a button much easier to deal with. Among other prominent new features, the analog sticks have been redesigned to be concave and the face buttons have lost their color, now in differing shades of grey to match the new sleek silver matte.

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New Guitar Hero Controllers: Equally Guitar, Far More Heroic

Now that's more like it. The Guitar Hero franchise has always excelled at making its players feel like rock gods. With its personas, in-game axes, song selection, and general fact that it allows you to play some of the greatest rock classics of all time, it had almost everything going for it. But there has been one fly in this rocktacular ointment for some time: The old controllers, for the most part, would not have been out of place being weilded by a group with "fun-time band" in its name:

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