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The Sony PlayStation 4 Controller Prototype’s the Real Deal


Images of what has since been confirmed, not by Sony, but multiple sources, as an official PlayStation 4 controller prototype started circulating yesterday. The first image that surfaced was, shall we say, not great. The angle made it look like the whole thing was rather stubby, and the screen or touchpad — who knows at this point — in the middle looked completely superfluous. The latest image to crop up doesn’t put all of these concerns to rest, but it certainly makes the whole thing look a lot more polished.

It’s worth noting that Sony still has a giant event coming up on February 20th, so it’s likely no coincidence that these images have started coming out. Any big reveals tends to be prefaced by a bunch of smaller leaks. That’s pretty much always been the case for large tech companies, and Sony’s no different.

The new image gives a rather solid look at just how long the controller’s handles are as well as what appears to be something like a headphone jack. Given my rather poor experience with the PlayStation 3’s attempts at Bluetooth headsets, a headphone jack would be a welcome addition. Regardless, we’re sure to hear a whole lot more come next week.

Here’s the original image that was making the rounds:

So stubby!

(GameTrailers via The Verge)

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