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Let This Donkey Kong/M.C. Escher Animated Chalk Art Melt Your Mind

If someone wanted to make a lot more Escher/video game mash-ups, we'd be perfectly fine with that.

M.C. Escher's art featured things like staircases that march ever upwards -- or downwards, depending on how you look at it. Artist Chris Carlson demonstrates Escher's staircase beautifully by combining it with video game icon Donkey Kong. The staircase builds up into an impossible loop that is demonstrated when DK tosses a barrel that falls down until it returns where it started.

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Duck Hunt 3D Chalk Art and Animation Makes Us Hate That Dog All Over Again

I really loved Duck Hunt as a kid, and as a result I really hated that dog. Laughing. Always laughing. Artist Chris Carlson must love Duck Hunt too because he went to great lengths to render this beautiful scene in chalk. He even added the nice touch of a little stop-motion animation game play. 3D chalk art always blows my mind, so it's fitting that Carlson's channel on YouTube is called AWE Me. Consider me awed, sir.

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The Only Thing Better Than a 3D Chalk Art Iron Man Helmet is Three 3D Chalk Art Iron Man Helmets [Video]

Chris Carlson is pretty good at creating 3D chalk art. Okay, less "pretty" and more "really." The videos of him doodling up things like the diamond sword from Minecraft are quite impressive, but his latest work takes the cake. It's not as large as some of his other projects, but Carlson's take on three of the helmets from the Iron Man movie franchise should definitely make you a fan of both him and the AWE me channel.

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Watch in Rapt Amazement as a Beautiful Chalk Mario Takes Shape [Video]

You've no doubt seen amazing chalk drawings that are so exacting in their geometric precision that they actually appear to pop (or plummet) from the pavement. While these are obviously labors of love, this time-lapse video of artist Chris Carlson creating a 3D Mario piece is stunning. Especially how much time he spends on the D-pad alone. Marvelous.

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