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Uhura and Sulu Missing (For Now) From Canada Post Collectible Star Trek Stamps

They're announcing more in May, so here's hoping.

Today at Calgary Expo, the Canada Post unveiled some brand new collectible stamps featuring some classic Star Trek characters. Unfortunately, they seem to have missed a few key members of the crew, namely Uhura and Sulu.

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Moon Prism Power, Suit Up! Incredible Battle Armor Sailor Scouts Cosplay

Where is this castle, Calgary?

Topping their Punk Sailor Scout group cosplay from last year's Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo must have been daunting, but dang if these ladies haven't done it again!

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Anne Wheaton Tricked Gamergate Into Indirectly Donating to Feminist Frequency

You troll, girl!

Anne Wheaton, Vandal Eyes genius and wife of Wil Wheaton, did an experiment on Twitter yesterday which led harassing Gamergaters into causing donations to be made to one of the organizations they despise the most - Feminist Frequency.

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[UPDATED] Members of Gamergate Planned to “Infiltrate” Calgary Expo to Actively Disrupt Panels, Calgary Expo Has Evicted Them

You know, for a loosely defined group who's constantly claiming they don't have nefarious purposes, they sure do like casting themselves as the villain.

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And The Winner Of The Mary Sue and Calgary Expo’s Ultimate Cosplay Contest Is…


It's time!

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Vote Now For The Winner Of The Mary Sue and Calgary Expo’s Ultimate Cosplay Contest!


You've submitted your entries for The Mary Sue and Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo's Ultimate Cosplay Contest, and the finalists have been chosen! And whoa are they ever amazing!

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The Mary Sue and Calgary Expo Present: The Ultimate Cosplay Contest!

Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo has been a huge supporter of Cosplay is not Consent and is heavily involved in their local fan community - but they wanted to take their support of cosplayers and fandom a step further. That's why we here at The Mary Sue are teaming up with Calgary Expo to announce The Ultimate Cosplay Contest!

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The Best Cosplayers We Saw At Calgary Expo 2014

Yee-haw, cosplay!

The cosplayers were out in full force at the Calgary Expo this year, and we're bringing you the very best and most hilarious. Unlike Fan Expo, Calgary Expo has done an amazing job of placing cosplayer safety at the forefront, so it's no surprise that cosplayers were everywhere.

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Our 10-ish Best Finds From The Floor At Calgary Expo [GALLERY]


Better make sure your cowboy boots match your cosplay, friends, because it's time for Calgary Expo! One of the biggest conventions in Canada, your Weekend Editor Sam (that's me!) has been there checking it all out - and to support some amazing artists selling their goodies at the con. And I love some nerdy goodies.

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