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Things We Saw Today: This Back to the Future DeLorean Cake is, Well, Heavy

This DeLorean cake was originally made for Back to the Future Day by Tattooed Bakers, but it's just so awesome that we can't imagine anyone in their right mind would want to cut into it and ruin the majesty.

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Aaaaand Here’s a Bike That Lays Down and Pops Bubble Wrap as You Ride It [Video]

Bubble wrap is the new baseball-card-in-the-spokes thing.

This is Eric Buss. He has a bicycle. He also has a giant roll of bubble tape. Buss did what any genius would do when faced with a bicycle and a giant roll of bubble wrap, and he invented the bubble wrap bike. Yup. It's a bike that spools out fresh bubble wrap for you to ride over. When are Nobel nominations due?

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New Metallic Bubble Wrap’s Stronger Than Plastic, We Just Want to Know If It’s Still Fun to Pop

Pop. Pop pop pop. Pop pop. Poppity pop pop pop. Pop pop. Poppit poppity pop pop pop.

Bubble wrap is as great a tool for stress relief as it is for protecting things. That's why the only thing we want to know about the new metallic bubble wrap being developed at North Carolina State University is this; can we pop it?

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Bubble Wrap Vs. Industrial Press [Video]

I've got a treat for all you bubble wrap fans out there, so a treat for everyone I guess. Behold seven (or maybe eight, accounts vary) meters of bubble wrap popped simultaneously by an industrial press. Really, what better use could you have for either of those two things? I'll bet it was better in person, but I'll take a video over nothing at all. Take it as evidence that dreams can come true.

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2012 Bubble Wrap Calendar

For those people who always press the soda flavor indicators on the plastic cup tops, for only $20.12, you now have a calendar that allows you to smoosh one thing a day, and also keep track of what day it is. This bubble wrap calendar will satisfy many a crazy person's urge -- mine included -- because now they can be constructive in their smooshing. The calendar measures 48 inches by 17.5 inches, and features "heavier bubbles" in order to provide a louder pop. Check out the full calendar after the break, and head on over to the order page to give it a buy.

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