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Rami Malek Is So Perfect as Freddie Mercury That It’s Damn Near Giving Me a Heart Attack. Here’s a Photo.

I'll be able to weather the goings-on in this mad, tumultuous world, so long as I have access to images of Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury. That's basically what's getting me through the day these days.

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Jared Leto Is Playing Hugh Hefner In Brett Ratner’s Biopic & I Need a Shower After Just Typing Those Words

In what feels like a prank of an announcement, Jared Leto will star as Hugh Hefner in a biopic produced and directed by Brett Ratner. That team-up is a perfect storm designed specifically to make me throw up inside my mouth.

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Well Sure, Professor Marston, Wonder Woman Does Sound Ridiculous When You Put It Like That

If you love comic book history, nuanced female protagonists, LGBTQIA+-centric stories, and tales of unconventional relationships, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women will likely be right up your alley. It not only tells the story of the creation of Wonder Woman, but of how she was influenced by the relationship between her creator, William Marston, his wife Elizabeth, and their lover, Olive.

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First Trailer for Professor Marston and the Wonder Women Centers Women, Polyamory, and Kink

I cannot. Stop. Watching. This. Trailer. Check out the first trailer for the upcoming biopic from Annapurna Pictures, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, which tells the story of the people behind Diana of Themyscira.

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Jada Pinkett Smith Calls Representation in All Eyez on Me Inaccurate & “Deeply Hurtful”

Pinkett references two scenes, one where Shakur reads her a poem and another where they fight, that she says never happened.

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OMG, I Can’t Even With How Excited I Am For Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

I didn't exactly hide my feelings when, in reviewing the commemorative re-release of the 2009 Wonder Woman animated film, I expressed disappointment that the featurettes included on the Blu-ray seemed to erase a large part of creator William Moulton Marston's (and so, in turn, Wonder Woman's) history by erasing the nature of his relationship to the two most important women in his life. Thankfully, there's a biopic on the way looking to bring that story to the masses.

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Rosario Dawson to Play Activist Donna Hylton in Biopic “For Women, by Women, of Women”

Representative Dan Pearson states, "That's how it's got to go. Donna says, 'Your voice is my voice. My voice is your voice. And together our voice is powerful.'"

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Battle of the Biopics: Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlett Johansson Set to Star in Two Different Zelda Fitzgerald Movies

How many Zelda Fitzgerald biographical movies does the world need? Two, apparently.

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Bruce Lee Biopic Makes Him a Side Character in His Own Movie

When you see film called Birth of the Dragon and hear it’s a biopic on Bruce Lee, it’s logical to assume that the plot would revolve around said person. However, according to Next Shark, that wasn’t the case with this one.

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Stan Lee to Star In His Own Action Movie, Featuring an Embellished Version of His Life

Stan Lee has had cameos in plenty of Marvel superhero properties, but he's never gotten to be the superhero. That's all about to change. Kinda.

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Chris Benoit Biopic Crossface Has Found Its Director in Lexi Alexander

The film is named after the former WWE wrestler's submission move, the Crippler Crossface.

These days, it’s very rare that you’ll hear Chris Benoit’s name or see pictures of him because of the horrific details surrounding his death. Now, his story will make its way to the big screen in a biopic titled Crossface.

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Zoe Saldana Stars in Controversial Nina Simone Biopic

With the Netflix documentary, What Happened Miss Simone? having been so successful, as well as nominated for an Oscar this year, it's no wonder that there's been a resurgence of all things Nina Simone. Now, there's a new biopic starring Zoe Saldana, which has just gotten a release date.

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Interview: Stephan James and Jason Sudeikis Talk About Making the Jesse Owens Biopic Race

Race, the upcoming Focus Features film directed by Stephen Hopkins, tells the story of Jesse Owens' relationship with his coach, Larry Snyder, and Owens' historic participation in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Stephan James delivers a star turn as Owens and Jason Sudeikis gives a lovely dramatic performance as Snyder. In exclusive interviews for The Mary Sue, James and Sudeikis talk about how they created these historic roles for the screen, and why this film is so relevant.

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Kristen Stewart and Helena Bonham Carter May Star in JT Leroy Biopic

Tag this one #mixedfeelings. You might be familiar with JT Leroy, the author of the 1999 novel, Sarah, which fictioalized "his life" as a trans hustler and drug addict, among other things. Apparently, the entirety of JT Leroy was a fiction, as he never existed. JT Leroy was actually the creation of a cis woman, a musician named Laura Albert, who wrote Leroy's work, and Savannah Knoop, who played him in his rare public appearances. That hoax is now the subject of an upcoming feature.

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Carl Sagan Gets His Own Biopic From a Team of Awesome Female Producers

Star stuff!

Although the project is still in the very early stages, Tracking Board reports that Carl Sagan's widow, Ann Druyan, is producing a film about the astronomer and Cosmos star's life.

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Scarlet Witch and Loki Jam Together in New I Saw the Light Images

New MCU rule: everyone must star in a Hank Williams biopic.

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Tom Hiddleston Wears a Funny Hat in First Pic From Hank Williams Biopic

Singing Hiddles incoming.

I Saw the Light comes out on November 27th.

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New Line Cinema Is Giving Misty Copeland The Biopic She Deserves

Slow-clap standing ovation, y'all.

For those of you uninitiated in the awesomeness of American Ballet Theatre's soloist Misty Copeland, you're in luck: Deadline reports that New Line Cinema has optioned the rights to her best-selling memoir Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina. Considering the variety of barriers the star has leapt in her lifetime, that's great news even for film-goers who aren't versed in the dance world.

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Stephen Hawking Biopic The Theory of Everything Gets Its First Trailer

"I'll be stretchin' out the rhyme like gravity stretches ti—no, wait, wrong video."

Hey, remember the time Marius Pontmercy, Remus Lupin, Viserys Targaryen, (probably) Black Cat, Daredevil, and just plain Emily frickin’ Watson were in a movie together? That was cool.

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