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Cher Is Getting Her Own Biopic AS SHE SHOULD

Cher performing

Cher announced in her very Cher way that she’s doing a biopic with Universal, written by Eric Roth. Roth is famous for his work on films like Forrest Gump, A Star Is Born, Mank, and more, and getting the producers of the Mamma Mia movies involved just makes this a beautiful sort of chaos that I’m completely here for.

I say in her “very Cher way” because she announced the news on Twitter and with a mix of all capital letters and numbers.

Cher has had quite the life. From her introduction to the world up through The Sonny & Cher Show into her Oscar win for Moonstruck and now her legacy becoming a staple in the drag community, Cher is someone who just feels like she’s part of the fabric of the entertainment world, and it’s strange that we’re just now getting a biopic in her honor.

To be fair, there was a musical called The Cher Show recently that had three different versions of the actress and singer going through specific points of her life. And it was so very Cher. Getting to see a biopic from a writer like Roth will bring a weight to her story that the darker parts of Cher’s life needs. But having the Mamma Mia producers makes me feel confident that this movie will also … well, frankly, be very Cher in the sense that she’s a little extra, and that’s why we love her.

My one hope for this movie (which will probably be a serious look at Cher’s life, so take my “dream casting” with a grain of salt) is that they just get Nic Cage to play himself as Ronny Cammareri again for when Cher wins her Oscar for Moonstruck. But that’s just me.

To be honest, it’s strange that there hasn’t been some kind of movie before this about Cher. She’s so woven into the Hollywood landscape that exploring her life in any capacity would be an interesting movie. I’d watch a movie just on Cher’s time with Sonny Bono, and the two were only married until 1975. So getting to look at her life in one movie? That’s going to be interesting. And I also feel like not enough. There’s too much Cher to get through in just one movie.

But I trust Eric Roth and, clearly, so does Cher. So I can’t wait to see what they end up telling us about Cher because, as I said, there is a lot to her life and career and getting through it in one movie seems almost impossible.

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