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No, T.J. Miller, You Don’t Get to Engage in Kink Without Asking. That’s Called Assault.

This one's been brewing for a while, and now the story is finally seeing the light of day. Silicon Valley's T.J. Miller is the latest Hollywood abusersorry, alleged abuserto be accused of sexual assault, violence, and general abuses of all kinds against women. Color me not surprised.

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Exclusive: Professor Marston and the Wonder Women Deleted Scene Shows Marston’s Problematic Yet Genuine Feminism

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women is being released on Blu-ray, so if you missed the theatrical release, you'll soon be able to see this amazing film in the comfort of your own, well, anywhere. To celebrate, Sony Home Entertainment has provided us with an exclusive clip from Angela Robinson's beautiful and thought-provoking film.

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Interview: Rebecca Hall Praises Professor Marston As a “Traditional, Romantic Movie About Un-Traditional People”

I spoke with the supremely talented Rebecca Hall, who plays Elizabeth Marston in Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, and she had a lot to say about why she believes the film is so important.

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Review: Professor Marston and the Wonder Women a Breathless Depiction of How An Icon Was Born of Deep Love

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Diana of Themyscira is all about love, strength, and hope. It makes sense, then, that the personnay, the people—responsible for her existence had a relationship that required more than the usual amount of strength and hope to survive, and that the love of three people was needed to create this one, iconic superheroine. Professor Marston and the Wonder Women gives us a beautiful and fascinating look at that relationship.

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Female Cop Being Punished For Her Dominatrix Past? Gross. Sensationalized Reporting of It? Also Gross.

Being a professional dominatrix is completely and totally 100% legal (though laws regulating it vary from state to state). This is an important fact to remember as we look at the case of New Jersey sheriff’s officer, Kristen Hyman. **CW: Brief description of consensual BDSM activity**

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