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For the First Time Ever, a Solar-Powered Plane Flew All the Way Around the Earth

This solar-powered airplane by Solar Impulse has just completed its trip all the way around our lovely planet, which is quite an impressive feat! The only catch? It took the airplane a year and four months to make the journey.

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Today In THE FUTURE: Lockheed Martin Claims To Have Made Huge Fusion Energy Breakthrough

First stop, Stark Tower!

Lockheed Martin Corp, the Pentagon's top supplier and a leader in research into alternative energy sources, announced this Wednesday that a team of the Corporation's scientists have made an enormous breakthrough in harnessing nuclear fusion as a feasible power source.

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Get Rich or Go Green Trying: Museum of Coal Mining Makes Serious Cash With $olar Panels

With a name like Big Pit: National Coal Mining Museum -- located in Blaenafon, Torfaen, South Wales -- you would think the place would keep with the theme by powering their museum with the very same stuff they tore apart the land to get. In an ironic twist, the museum has installed 200 solar panels atop the building's roof, providing them with a constant energy source that produces no harmful emissions. In truth, this is merely a nice little perk in comparison to what they really gain from their decision to go eco-friendly. In fact, one can say the museum is making the green by going green.

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Pacific Islands of Tokelau First Territory To Be 100% Solar Powered

The island territory of Tokelau consists of just three small islands, including Atafu Atoll, above, which looks really pretty from the International Space Station, and has just 1,500 residents, so you can be forgiven for not knowing that a thing that exists. This little group of islands has taken in a big step, though, becoming the first territory in the world to draw 100% of its energy from solar power.

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IKEA Going Energy Independent, Will Install Cheap Solar Panels in All Stores

Swedish furniture giant IKEA is committing to energy independence in its stores worldwide, announcing today that it would strive to produce as much energy as it consumes as a corporation by 2020. Stores and warehouses will be outfitted with solar panels, while the company will also make new investments in wind farms that it hopes will make it an energy neutral enterprise.

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Energy Company To Hydrofracture Volcano For Geothermal Power, Because That Sounds Safe, Right?

Does pumping water at a very high pressure into cracks in a volcano to break up the bedrock around it and release heat from the earth sound like a safe thing to do? If it doesn't, you must not work for U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM), because that's exactly the process the agency just greenlit.  Seattle-based AltaRock Energy recently got permission from the BLM to hydrofrack the ground around Oregon's dormant Newberry Volcano, because there's no way that could possibly end badly.

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Not Just for Popeye: Spinach Protein Boosts Solar Cell Power

Spinach is apparently good for more than just growing hilariously oversized cartoon muscles. A team at Vanderbilt University has used a protein found in the light-loving leafy green to boost the electrical output from photovoltaic power cells. A study released today in the journal Advanced Materials found that by combining silicon solar cells with the photosynthesis protein Photosystem 1 (PS1), they could achieve improvements in both the current and voltage produced by traditional solar cells.

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A Car That Runs on Poop

Yesterday, British sewage treatment company Wessex Water unveiled a car that runs on poop. The new Bio-Bug is a Volkswagen Beetle powered by methane biogas generated from fermented human waste, and according to the Bristol-based company, the fartmobile can travel 10,000 miles annually on waste collected from 70 households! Keep on poopin' for your mileage, folks.

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