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Holly Hunter Returns to TV for Alan Ball’s New HBO Show

And it sounds like things are getting a little spoopy.

There are two things that make me very happy about this news: one, that Alan Ball (showrunner of Six Feet Under and True Blood) is in the process of working on yet another series for HBO; and two, Holly Hunter will be among the cast.

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True Blood Hasn’t Quite Reached Its True Death, Might End Up as a Musical

Beel! Sookeh! Beel! Sookeh!

The last season of True Blood starts this Sunday, but fangbangers dreading their show's demise might have something else to look forward to: A musical.

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HBO Renews True Blood For Season 7, We Hope For A Game Of Thrones Crossover

Imagine What You'll Know Tomorrow

Nothing major. Perhaps one of Daenerys' dragons coming through a rip in reality for a split second and killing Season 7's big bad? 

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Alan Ball Is Stepping Down As True Blood Showrunner


*Insert bloody spit-take here* It's just been anounced by HBO that True Blood showrunner Alan Ball will no longer be holding that position soon. Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? 

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Alan Ball Steps Down From Writing True Blood

Forbes has reported that True Blood head writer Alan Ball will be stepping down from writing the show. True Blood, as most who watch it is aware, is something of a guilty pleasure -- you enjoy watching it, but you aren't proud of it, and you certainly try to avoid public conversation about it. Ball will be stepping down from writing the show due to exhaustion, but it is unclear if the exhaustion was on his part for writing it, or because we're exhausted from being subjected to sexy vampires sexily having sex all the time. Har har.

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Quentin Tarantino Is Suing True Blood Creator Over His Loud, Exotic Birds

This Makes Sense

If you're taking Quentin Tarantino to Disney World, do not take him to the Tiki Room. As we speak, a potentially epic legal battle is taking place between violence-loving director Quentin Tarantino and some exotic birds. Namely, exotic birds belonging to the creator/director of True Blood and Six Feet Under, Alan Ball. Why, do you ask, is Tarantino waging war on Alan Ball's birds? Because of their "obnoxious pteradactyl-like screams"! Don't you hate those?

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True Blood Season 3 Trailer: Werewolves, Yes. Santa, No.

HBO just released the trailer for the hotly -- pun only somewhat intended -- anticipated third season of True Blood. I won't spoil it for you, but suffice it to say that Alan Ball and company look like they've brought their A-game for this summer. The series returns Sunday, June 13. Trailer after the jump!

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