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Alan Ball Steps Down From Writing True Blood


Forbes has reported that True Blood head writer Alan Ball will be stepping down from writing the show. True Blood, as most who watch it is aware, is something of a guilty pleasure — you enjoy watching it, but you aren’t proud of it, and you certainly try to avoid public conversation about it. Ball will be stepping down from writing the show due to exhaustion, but it is unclear if the exhaustion was on his part for writing it, or because we’re exhausted from being subjected to sexy vampires sexily having sex all the time. Har har.

Ball will still be with the show as executive producer, but he won’t be guiding the show anymore. I watch each episode with a friend, and during last season we realized we were rooting for every single main character to die so they can be off the show. That’s generally not a good sign (both on the show’s part, and on our part for continuing to watch it), but maybe now that there will be a new regime, we’ll start caring about Sookie and Bon Temps once again, rather than tuning in once a week and growing tired of what has essentially become Sookie’s Sex Adventures, a show where the main character is involved with three broody, generally shirtless, paranormal men who all hate each other for obvious reasons.

We wish Ball the best, but are certainly excited to see the new direction the show may take. Maybe it’ll be one that isn’t essentially a bad porn.

(via Forbes)

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