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BB-8 Visits Disneyland, Leaves Thousands Smitten With Cuteness in Its Wake

Oh, BB-8. We knew from the get-go that you'd roll away with our hearts. Your cuteness knows no bounds, and your exploration of Disneyland here somehow multiplies that cuteness.

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Peter Capaldi Tells 9-Year-Old Autistic Boy “Sometimes Bad Things Happen” In Special Video Message From The Doctor

TARDIS Tissues Handy?

Proving that Twelve really does care about humanity (really!), Peter Capaldi has sent a lovely video to an autistic child to help him overcome a loss.

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There’s a Kickstarter Campaign so Everyone Can Have Adorable LED Babies Next Year

Someday you, too, can have a baby stick figure running around your house saying baby things.

Royce Hutain, creator of the LED baby stick figure costume, is back with more video of his daughter on their trick-or-treating rounds to announce the costume's Kickstarter campaign. Hutain hopes to get the costume into stores in time for Halloween at prices of under $30 for kid and pet costumes. Yes, you can have stick figure pets.

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Dexter Wants to Go to Mars, Can’t Because He’s Seven, Gets Awesome Letter From NASA Instead

Maybe by the time Dexter grows up NASA will actually have a proper budget again.

In case you wanted to feel some space-feels today, here's a letter to NASA from seven-year-old Dexter. Dexter wants to be on NASA's first mission to Mars, but regrets to inform you that he won't be able to make the trip because he's seven. NASA replied with a letter and some Mars swag, and Dexter's mother posted pictures of it all to Reddit.

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Watch Puppies Be Cuter Than Football in the Puppy Bowl Locker Room

Free live streaming by Ustream

We don't want to play into the stereotype that geeks don't like sports, but it goes without saying that puppies are adorable. Everyone loves puppies, and while Animal Planet's annual Puppy Bowl is always a welcome distraction from all the football goings-on of the day, this year there's even a camera to give us all a behind the scenes look into the puppy locker room. It's exactly as cute as you would expect it to be.

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Learn Where Babies Come From With This Super Bowl Ad (It’s Space)

The Super Bowl is this Sunday, and I couldn't care less. It's not even worth watching for the commercials any longer, because they're all online the next day.Some -- like this one -- leak out early for one reason or another. I also don't like inadvertently helping with the marketing for companies, but this video is too adorable to not share with the world. The commercial shows a father answering his young son's question of where babies come from. He sounds misinformed, but the resulting barrage of CGI baby animals is too much to withstand. It's just so adorable. Also, keep your eyes peeled for some great sperm/egg rocket/planet imagery, and capital use of the word "penetrate."

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Watch a Dog Try to Carry a Giant Stick Through a Gap That’s Too Small

This dog gets an A+ for perseverance, but fails when it comes to spatial reasoning. It found a giant stick on one side of a fence, and wants desperately to get it to the other side, but oh noes! The stick is too big! That doesn't stop the dog from repeatedly smashing it into the fence trying to get it through. Of course the person filming this, I presume the dog's owner, eventually helps the dog get the stick through, but I kind of wish he let it try for a little longer. Silly puppy. That stick's too big!

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Hey You Guys! Here’s a Compilation of Adorable Sloth Videos

The Internet is pretty much overrun by cute animals, and we're sure not complaining about that. There's no shortage of cat pictures online, but pound-for-pound there's nothing cuter than a baby sloth. The Internet could really use more adorable sloth content, so we fully support this video of comedic sloth facts that make up the latest installment of the YouTube show True Facts. Geekosystem love Sloth.

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We Want This Cat to DJ Our Next Party [Video]

It's the time of year when a lot of people are looking to book DJs for various holiday events and parties. Might we recommend just letting a cat do the honors? It seems to work pretty well in this video. Sure, the cat would almost definitely scratch whatever album you give it until it's an unplayable mess, but if this doesn't count as a valid excuse to sacrifice your vinyl then we don't know what does. So, go ahead and get Whiskers all jazzed up on catnip and set her loose on the ones and twos. It can't be any worse than listening to an entire Bob Marley album without a cat playing with the turntable.

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Meet Your New Favorite Rapping Robots [Video]

i'll just leave this here

If a Dalek had babies with the guys from Lonely Island, this is exactly what would happen: adorable robots rapping about invading a bench and all of its surrounding areas. That unholy matrimony didn't actually happen, but these little bots comes courtesy of animators Tom and Mark. We will end the day on this: your future, tiny overlords. (via Laughing Squid) Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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Jane Goodall Was On The Daily Show Last Night and Chimp-Greeted Jon Stewart [Video]

she blinded me with science

Jane Goodall made her second appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night, and the first order of business was to make sure Jon Stewart remembered the proper chimp greeting. And then she talked about the new documentary from Disney, Chimpanzee. As you can imagine, all of this was fascinating and adorable. Video after the jump.

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Watch This 12-Second Video of a Guinea Pig Breaking a World Record

We Have Done the Impossible and That Makes Us Mighty

Get ready, we have some highly important world record news for you! Truffles the guinea pig, who belongs to 13-year-old Chloe Macari of Fife, Scotland, has officially broken the world record for a guinea pig jump by jumping a distance of 12 inches. The previous record was shattered -- shattered, we tell you! -- by a whopping four inches. Macari was prompted to train Truffles once she saw how relatively short that jump was. (Eight inches? Pssssht.) And Truffles seemed happy to take on the challenge, especially once his favorite food, cucumber, was involved as a prize. The jump, which took place on February 21, was accepted by Guinness World Records, which makes it officially official. Congratulations to Truffles and his human, Chloe! Note: This record was only concerned with distance, not height. So let's stay tuned to see if Truffles starts reaching for the skies! (via Geekosystem)

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Watch These Baby Sloths Get Better Spa Treatment Than You


This woman loves sloths but I'm not quite sure she's got a handle on what "stressful" means. These little baby sloths seem to love getting pampered at bath time and in fact, I'm quite jealous at their regular regimen. But I'll forgive because well, adorable. (via The Daily What)

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Kids React to The Empire Strikes Back

No. No no no no no no no. no.

Do you ever wish you could revisit those days before you found out some of the freakiest, scariest, implausible spoilers in sci-fi fandom? These kids can help. Personally, I'm just fine watching Empire Strikes from an adult perspective. When I was a kid that face freaked me the heck out (see below). So did Buzz's depressive episode in Toy Story, so I can only assume that kid!me was phobic about existential angst.

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Dad Turns Sequoia National Park Into Endor’s Moon for Star Wars Loving Daughter

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Anthony Herrera has a daughter who really loves Star Wars. So, naturally, before the family went on a big hike through Sequoia National Park, with its giant redwoods and thick green undergrowth, he told her that they were going to visit the place where Ewoks live. (Not far off of course, the Endor scenes of Return of the Jedi were filmed in a redwood forest, but not SNP, I checked.) Naturally, after a day's hike Herrera found himself explaining that Ewoks are very shy and stealthy, and it would have been very, very lucky indeed if they'd actually spotted any. It was only after going through snapshots from the family outing that the Herreras discovered that they might not have seen any Ewok's, but the Ewoks definitely saw them.

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Dress Up Your Dog Like Animals More Dangerous Than Dogs, Also a Tortoise

If you've ever wanted to dress up your dog as a dinosaur, then these officially licensed Animal Planet costumes are just for you. There are currently three models of dino-dog costumes -- stegosaurus, triceratops, and velociraptor. However, there are several other dangerous species included. Read on after the break for a look at these adorable, rampaging canine cosplayers.

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Geek Parenting 101: Famous Quotes

Things to Do With Your Kids

During one's first year of speaking, it is rare that anything truly unique comes out. Usually it's the standard fare of "Mom/Dad," "Cat," "Dog," "I'm hungy," etc. Rarely do they quote Star Wars. When their parents do teach them to do so, however, the adorableness might just make the room explode. See for yourself. Not only can this kid imitate the sounds that tigers, cats, monkeys and robots make, but they can also quote Admiral Ackbar's most famous line. Congratulations, Anonymous Video Parents, you're kid is probably going to grow up awesome. The look of pride on the father's face speaks for itself. (via The Daily What)

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Dog Wants to be Dolphin, Almost Succeeds


The studio's attempts to film a Rin Tin Tin/Flipper crossover were subsequently abandoned.

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The Many Flavors of Corgis

Over the weekend, a Reddit user posted the above picture of a Husky/Corgi mix, which soon found itself disseminated to all corners of the Internet. This should come as no surprise since, as we've discussed before, the Internet cannot help but love corgis. But now there's more to love since the Horgi (Corskey?) has inspired other Corgi hybrid owners to show off their mutts, with adorable results. My corgis, let me show you them.

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Things We Saw Today: Principle Photography Began on The Dark Knight Rises

Things We Saw Today

And somebody has already made an incredibly (admittedly!) boring unofficial set video. According to DCWomenKickingAss, we should see TDKR viral marketing start up any day now. Next, an item that may be relevant to certain interests.

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