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Follow Our #SXSW Exploits, Including GE’s Night of Invention As They Happen Right Here!

If you're at SXSW you could also just follow Glen around, but this is less weird.


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Curious what we’re up to at SXSW this year? Senior Editor Glen Tickle (Hey, that’s me!) is there and will be live-tweeting from our @Geekosystem Twitter account as well as my own @glentickle for stuff at SXSW that might be a little out of our regular purview.

Most of what I’ll be talking about today is the GE “A Night of Invention” event. We’ll post the live stream of the StarTalk Live portion hosted by Our Friend Bill Nye and Eugene Mirman later today, but we’ll have behind-the-scenes coverage in the lead up to the event while we film our upcoming Geek Up the Street webseries.

And don’t forget to ask Our Friend Bill Nye your question with the hashtag #OurFriendBillNye! (You can also leave them as comments on this post.) We’re asking him a reader-submitted question live on stage.

Follow us and me on Twitter for all the geek goodness we can find at SXSW. I’m also joined in Austin by Bill Binan and Samantha Mee from Abrams Media. For your convenience, all our timelines will feed right into this handy Twitter widget so you can easily track all our SXSW adventures.


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