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Attention Very Rich People, You Can Now Spend Your $$$ On Swarovski Crystal Headlights

Sorry, children of developing countries, I've got useless ornamental crystals to buy!


If you are really rich (like bought all of the Hammacher Schlemmer catalogue, substitute toilet paper with shredded legal documents, Beyonce and Jay-Z rich) then lucky you! The headlights on the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe are made from Swarovski crystals. Because owning a Mercedes Benz isn’t a sufficient enough status symbol alone.

If you are a ludicrous high roller with a bumper sticker that says “my other car is a private jet,” then I guess you’re the target audience for these headlights, which are crammed with 47 Swarovski crystals.

To be clear, the crystals in no way impact the production or reflection of light, just the world’s perception of you as a modern-day Louis XIV. Mercedes explains for the fabulously wealthy and/or possibly stupid:

“In combination with the standard LED Intelligent Light System, unique headlamps with no fewer than 47 Swarovski crystals are available. 17 angular crystals form the flare-shaped daytime running lamps, with 30 round-shaped crystals making up the turn indicator lamps.”

What does that mean? As Jason Torchinsky points out in his Jalopnik article, headlights are for seeing, not just being seen. So the 47 crystals are purely for ornamentation.


Torchinsky explains that if your remarkably decadent crystal headlights were impacting the production of light at all, at night they would just create a disco effect–which might be fun for your all-mirrors bedroom, but not for the highway, Richie Rich.

Although, let’s be real: if you can afford this car, you probably have a Spice Girl chauffeuring you around or something. We’re guessing it’s Sporty Spice. She doesn’t seem like she’s up to much these days.

(Via jalopnik, images via jalopnik and Mercedes-Benz )


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