Spider-Man 2 shirt from Super Yaki

Today I Bought the Most Important Geek Item Ever From Super Yaki

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Super Yaki has been my vice throughout all of the quarantine. The tongue-in-cheek, cheeky brand features funny, witty, and niche references, and has become a cult hit.

I ended up getting stuck at my mother’s house in South Carolina for the last five months and had only packed enough clothes for a week in Florida. So I had barely anything to wear. I went onto Super Yaki’s site and bought a few shirts so I would have a change of outfit, and now suddenly my entire wardrobe is their stuff. I’m not mad about it either.

Packed full of winking references to movies, actors, directors, and other assorted bits of pop culture, their store fits with my weirdly specific interests and forces me to give them all my money. Again, not mad about it. Super Yaki should be listed under the official definition of “take my money.” (I will eventually buy their Elizabeth Debicki shirt but I spent way too much money today. I had to be somewhat of an adult).

Let Elizabeth Debicki be tall shirt from Super Yaki

Today, however, the shirt that had me waiting on their site was a collaboration with Carrie Witmer, celebrating the greatest soundtrack of our time: Spider-Man 2.

Now, I want you to know how important this shirt is. The back of it has “Vindicated” by Dashboard Confessional on it. If that doesn’t hit you right in the heart, then you clearly missed out on the greatest song from a superhero movie ever made. Here, I’ll put it in this piece so you have no excuse BUT to listen to the perfection.

Does this shirt fall into the category of “it has to do with Spider-Man so Rachel’s going to buy it”? PROBABLY, but I can’t wait to wear it around and bask in the conversations it brings up (when we can talk to people again). It is, without a doubt, amongst the greatest things I ever purchased (along with my new crop top about how much I love Cathy Yan).

Super Yaki's Cathy Yan shirt

The point is: Super Yaki knows how to reach into my soul with their products and get me to spend my money. I can’t wait until my Willem Dafoe shirt I ordered from them comes in so I can just hold it close to my heart.

As you can see, Super Yaki’s merch is a witty mix of in-jokes, promotion of fantastic film folks like Nora Ephron and Judy Greer (“JUDY GREER SHOULD’VE BEEN THE LEAD” is yet one more incredible shirt), and unabashed love for pop culture—especially some areas that don’t often get as much mainstream attention as they deserve. Like Judy Greer. There are also timely and important messages, like this one that everyone should receive regarding Star Wars‘ Kelly Marie Tran.

I love Super Yaki. They’re a fantastically fun small business that is so niche and perfect, and their merchandise is always bound to spark conversation. I love watching people read my shirt and question where I got it and sometimes, what is even going on. (It’s mainly just my brother. I’m in quarantine, who am I speaking to other than my family?) My point is, they’re a great business to support in these trying times. Especially if you’re like me and love having nerdy shirts. I told myself I wouldn’t go and buy their Midsommar tarot sticker because I spent too much money but also the more I think about it, the more I want it.

Super Yaki Midsommar sticker

So if you can, please go support Super Yaki so they keep making more spectacularly niche and clever content for me and my bank account.

(via Super Yaki, images: Super Yaki)

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