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Stranger Things’ Shannon Purser Has Some Awesome Wisdom on Being Comfortable in Your Sexuality

When Stranger Things dropped on Netflix last year, the internet’s love of Barb was intense. And while the show’s creators may not have foreseen that, it made total sense. She was whip-smart, didn’t stand for any of Nancy’s nonsense, and she truly cared about her friend. On top of all that, she ended up having a special appeal for LGBTQ audiences.

While Barb’s sexuality and her feelings for Nancy were never explicitly defined, Shannon Purser, the actress who played Barb (and hopefully our live action Squirrel Girl), has previously spoken to that connection.

As a person, I’ve always been really passionate about being really inclusive and letting people know that they are loved. And I think there really is an inherent feeling of isolation in the LGBT community, because often times, they can’t really fit in the way they’d like. I’m so thankful that LGBT people have related to the character. If I can help anybody with my character, or feel loved or less alone, that is the best feeling.

And now Purser is talking about her relationship with her own sexuality.


Purser, like Barb, hasn’t publicly defined her sexuality. And she doesn’t need to–not for her fans, and not to comply with any vague, perceived expectation to provide a definition.




That’s some awesome wisdom Purser’s exploring and offering. There does tend to be a pressure to come up with labels and definitions and total, complete understanding of ourselves. But discovering how our brains and bodies work is, as she said, a process, and not one to rush. There’s no finish line when it comes to understanding ourselves, and we shouldn’t be expected to find one.

(via Hello Giggles, featured image: Netflix)

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