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Joerg Sprave’s Oreo Slingshot Gets A Deadly Upgrade

What's more fun than a gun that shoots Oreos? A gun that shoots Oreos made of steel, of course. It's way better for exploding melons.


A few months ago, we brought you Joerg Sprave’s entry for “best way to separate an Oreo,” which — and this will surprise no one familiar with Sprave’s body of work — took the form of a sort of Oreo shotgun that flung the delicious cookies at targets with great velocity, though to no serious impact. After all, it is just an Oreo. Now, Sprave has resurrected the project and, as is his wont, he’s made the thing far more dangerous than it once was, replacing the Oreo ammunition with steel discs capable of blasting a whole through a tower of ballistic gel without slowing down.

Sprave says that while people enjoyed the idea of a pump-action slingshot that fires Oreos, he was disappointed in the piece, as the ammo, while delicious, was “too soft and too light to do any damage.” To fulfill the slingshot’s potential as a weapon, Sprave started with steel washers about the same diameter as the famed cookies, gluing several of the metal discs together to mimic the thickness of an Oreo. On some of the rounds, Sprave even sharpened the edges of the inner washer, resulting in a piece of ammo that looks like a UFO, or an Oreo, if Oreos were made of violence and nightmares.

The increased weight of the ammunition meant Sprave also needed to up the power of the slingshot, sacrificing the pump-action of the earlier model for a new design that calls for five times as much rubber for added stopping power. All in all, a simple children’s toy has been turned into a fully fledged weapon under Sprave’s watchful eye once again, rendering it a danger to unsuspecting melons and lawn furniture all over the world. We’re really glad that this guy in’t a super-villain because dang, we would be in trouble, folks.

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