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Joerg Sprave’s Condom Slingshot Is The Scariest Path To Safe Sex

When Bill Gates issued a call for a condom that was safer, stronger, and easier to apply, he got slingshot mastermind Joerg Sprave’s attention, mostly with that “easier to apply” part. The result is Sprave’s latest creation — a condom-applying slingshot. Because hey, you don’t get a title like slingshot mastermind by not making things like this.

Sprave’s condom slingshot features a leather patch — adjustable size, of course — that the condom can ride onto its…final destination? Well, next to final destination, anyway. All a user has to do is load it, cock it, and then point a pistol-shaped object at his penis, which may be the least instinctive thing to do with a pistol-shaped object.

The condom slingshot is, of course, a joke…we hope. Then again, we’re kind of never sure with Sprave, so we’re just going to not ask how far he intends to take tests on this idea, which, I think we can all agree, is the worst idea.

(via YouTube)

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