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PSA: This Is A Guinea Pig Wearing Leather Steampunk Wings

Does the President know about this?


It’s been a difficult week in a cruel, cold world but know this: life has its ups, life has its downs, life has a guinea pig named Pulguinha wearing tiny, possibly-articulated leather steampunk wings.

Sure, sharing the skies with a winged rodent may seem silly to you, but it’s actually the logical next step in a recent trend–in past years we’ve seen chainmail for Sir Guinea Gallahad priced at $24,300, as well as Cat Battle Armor sewn from the richest vegan leather. With this increase in critter battle gear, there was a clear tactical need for an aerial guinea pig scout capable of soaring ahead to spy on the enemies of happiness (I may have read too much Redwall once).

You can get more steampunk guinea pig over on SkyPirate Creations, and purchase some of their beautiful creations in human size on Etsy.


(via io9, images via SkyPirate Creations on Facebook)

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