Guess How Much That Guinea Pig Armor’s Going for Now

Littlest jet ski not included.
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There’s six hours left to place your bid on this astounding guinea pig armor — guess how much you’d have to spend to make your pig’s dream of chivalrous destiny a reality? Hint: You could probably also buy a person-sized jet ski with the same amount of money.

Give up? As of writing, it’s $24,300. That’s a lot, but it’s for charity, right? … Er, a guinea pig charity. Small price to pay for a one-of-a-kind work of art, I suppose. That’s right, I said art.

But here’s the real question, as posed by one of our interns: “Why would you get just one? Why not two so you could make your guinea pigs battle each other?” That’s a great idea. Who has a house they’d like to put up for collateral?

(via eBay)

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